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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Welcome Debora Dennis!

I am so excited to have Debora Dennis as my guest today. I'm going to turn this right over to her.

Kat, it was really nice of you to invite me over to your place today. Along with my guest of honor, Kandace Parker of The Kandy Shoppe, I wanted to bring some coffee and bagels (since I'm a NY girl, isn't that what you'd expect?) Kandy wouldn't hear of it though, she forced me to bring some ice cream instead. Enjoy.

DD: Why did we have to bring pistachio ice cream?

KP: I always bring the standard chocolate and vanilla, but pistachio is my favorite. It's always been my favorite since I was a little girl. Grandpa Karl used to make it just for me. Lots of good memories there! And there's just something about ice cream with nuts.

Kandy winks at me, it's making me nervous.

DD: No candy bars and lollipops for you? I mean you own "The Kandy Shoppe?"

KP: Ha. No! Just ice cream. Which makes it pretty damn hard to run an ice cream business when my freezer keeps breaking!

DD: Speaking of hard…

Now, it's my turn to make Kandy nervous, notice the way she inches to the edge of her chair and runs her fingers through her bangs

DD: Okay, I didn't want to bring him up, but isn't there a teeny, tiny part of you that gets excited when Jason come to fix your freezer?

Kandy scoops up some of the pistachio ice cream and eats a few spoonfuls before she looks at me again…

KP: I thought we discussed this in the car over here, but if you insist…

DD: Yes, I'm afraid I must.

KP: Jason Chapman has turned my insides into mush since high school.

DD: And…

KP: And ever since. That swagger of his, the self-assured way he struts across my shop with those jeans hugging is perfect behind. Leaves a girl breathless.

DD: I think I understand.

KP: Don't get me wrong. Jason is bad news. He's a huge flirt and has dated more than half the girls in town. He's hard to resist and believe me, I should know!

Hooked on all things romantic for as long as she can remember, Debora Dennis has never stopped believing in the fairy tale dream of a Happily Ever After. Since picking up her first Barbara Cartland novel from the middle school library so many years ago, she’s rarely been without a romance, either in her bag or on her nightstand (and now on her Nook!)

A firm believer in happy endings, she writes romance sprinkled with spice and adventure.

Debora and her own hero live in New York and spend their days raising their three kids along with Godzilla the lizard and two spoiled cats named Oreo and Rocky. She can usually be found at her computer early in the morning and late at night with a mug of coffee and a bag of Lindt chocolate truffles keeping her sane.

To learn more, please visit her at http://www.deboradennis.com/


Terra said...

pistachio Icecream yummy. Love the interview and can't wait to get this book. Need to see if i can find it at ARe or B&N. May have to read it tonight.


Shadow said...

I love ice cream. :) Im a chocolate lover though. Ive never tried pistachio. Great post. Your book sounds great! I want to read it right now. lol Its been added onto my wishlist! Thanks for sharing!

Debora Dennis said...

Sorry I'm late - I didn't expect to be without an internet connection for a few days...waaaa.

I happen to love Pistachio ice cream just like Kandy.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my interview!

mj said...

Book sounds great and thanks for the interview!
marajbrandon AT gmail DOT com