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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Vampires Really Do Exist!

I love a good vampire story. Heck, I am writing a vampire series. The first book comes out next year. This is our traditional opinion of the vampire.

The undead being sucking the life force in the form of blood from his or her victim. But, they're really are vampires in this world and they really do suck the life force from you. And I'm not talking blood. I'm referring to real life energy vampires.

We all have come across these people even if we didn't think of them as vampires. But that's what they are. You know these people. They are so negative, so emotionally overpowering, that when they finally leave you feel as if you have no energy left.

Well, guess what. You really don't. They have literally fed off your energy and left you feeling tired, achy, and depressed. Now we all know people who at times are depressed but are fine and perky the next time we speak. It's not those people I refer to. There are some people that EVERY time they come around you are left feeling listless and drained. Those are the energy vampires.

I have a couple such people in my life right now. One, no matter what I can't avoid because of work issues. But the other, I have come to the conclusion that I am better off not spending any time at all with. So, I am forced, even though I truly do care about this person, to sever our ties completely for the sake of my sanity.

You can't reason with these people. You can't point out what they are doing because they truly are masters of turning everything back on you, making it your fault. I read this great article and I will put the link up all about energy vampires and how they think and act at the end of this posting.

In some cases you can mitigate how much damage they do, but in other cases, like the one I just mentioned, the only solution is the most drastic, complete separation. So, our myths and tales really are true; just remember that the way we symbolize it is different from how it really manifests. Happy October and welcome to the month of Halloween.



Lin said...

Ooh Ooh, I know who. NOT Count Chocula though the name DOES begin with a "C" right?

I don't know why such people cannot snap out of their energy sucking mode, but yep, there are a LOT of people that live in the world of autosuck.

Luckily when you create a tally sheet, those that don't outnumber those that do.

Sometimes though, it feels like they've left their suck straw deeply buried inside you, letting them drain you even when they are not right before you.

So...remember the rituals? Surrounding ourselves in the light of the Universe, to keep out the suckers and remove their residual suck straws...what do you say?

Kat said...

Gee how did you know? LOL

gail roughton branan said...

Kat, truer words were never spoken. I have long held that theory myself and have known several such people. Unfortunately, one of them raised me. My mother was such. I flatter myself I'm proof positive that you can overcome them. And on the plus side, I think there are many more people in our lives that actually re-charge our energy at the same time we re-charge theirs. And I know a LOT of those people! Don't you?

Kat said...

I do gail and you are definitely one of those that recharge me.:-)