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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

L.J. Holmes is HERE!

Today I am so lucky to have 

L.J. Holmes, multi-published, and award winning author here. It's not often anyone gets a chance to really grill L.J. Holmes, and who better than me...her daughter?

See I can get away with asking her things the rest of you wouldn't know to ask. So let's get started.

L.J. Holmes, why the mysterious name?

Is it mysterious? L.J. happens to be my initials...Linda Jean, so not very mysterious.

I HAD thought about making L.J. a bit more intriguing in the beginning...turning the intials into one name Eljay Holmes, but I'm not all that crazy about the letter "E", so I had to nix that idea. (I grew up in an era when the letter "E" meant your report card was gonna get you into a lot of trouble if "E's" showed up anywhere. Not to mention the list Mother Mary Catherine would have placed me on. E's are like curse words.)

That's right. You attended private school when you were a child.

Not just private school. I attended school back when nuns still wore the complete habit and cracked rulers across the knuckles of those they deemed were misbehaving. So yeah, I have a lot of scary memories that have stayed with me.

How many of those scary memories work their way into your books?

I think every author brings a part of their own history into what they write, and I'm no different. Still I've avoided having any of my heroines rolling sod, or beak-pecked from collecting chicken eggs from deranged hens. Some childhood events just don't translate well into adult tales.

Speaking of tales, you have a very special promotion going on right now. Wanna tell us about it?

Absolutely. During the entirety of this quarter, all the royalties I earn for five of my book titles are going to a woman's shelter here in Burlington County, NJ called THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE.

People think once you get published, overnight you turn into Danielle Steele or

Stephen King...I wish. The fact is, it takes years to build a fan base. I don't have that fan base yet, but I do have a LOT of books, so I chose the last four of my releases for this year and one I released in May 2011. All my royalties for these five books, during this quarter will be going to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE.

It is my hope at this time of Holiday giving, enough people will be moved to help me share the holiday spirit with the future of this worthy place.

Why is this place so important to you?

Once upon a time, during my own personal dark ages, I faced the evil control of the monster. THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE gave me the support and encouragement I needed to win my extradition from the monster's domain. I want to make sure they are there to help future victims leave the clutches of their monsters.

THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE relies solely on donations. One day I hope to be another Danielle Steele...but until then, this is my meager way of giving a bit back to thank them for being there when I needed them.

FIVE BOOKS? And you're giving 100% of your royalties for ALL of them?

Yes. It's the least I could do.

Tell us about the books included in your giveaway.

I guess I'll start with the May release. TWILIGHT COMES, is a dark story about major dysfunction inside a family. No happy ending for this one...no joy...but power.

This story makes me uncomfortable, and it should.

Why did you write it if it makes you so uncomfortable?

It needed to be written. Sometimes we have no choice about the story our inner voices send us. This is one such story. Those who have read this story, told me it is powerful and haunting, but also honest to its core.

My next one, BEYOND YESTERDAY released in September, is also a haunting story about family dysfunction...but this one has a happy ending. Our childhoods shape who we are as adults, and sometimes we have to confront the ghosts from those years to find the joy waiting ahead of us. That's the journey the heroine in this story confronts.

Book Three moves from dark into playfully erotic. Even the title is tongue-in-cheek playful...SUC-U.

That sounds REALLY naughty doesn't it? And it sort of is. Suc-U is the name of a service company of succubi entitled Succubus United. Ambreaton Nightshade "man's" the phone when HE, the client all modern day sucs pant over calls to register a complaint. Now's her chance to be his Suc of the night and she's not going to let it slip through her talons.

Book Four...another playful, in a manner of speaking, erotic tale called CHAMPAGNE AFTERNOON. What would you do if someone you respect dares you to spend one afternoon in a nudist camp and you never pass up on a dare? You drive to the nearest camp, ignore your shaking knees and all over blush and dive right in.

Book Five...just released. It is book two in The Christmas Miracles Series and a sequel to last year's award winning

SANTA IS A LADY, curiously entitled THE CHRISTMAS WAR.

We met Beck Cavington in book one and Irene Cavington, Beck's mother was also mentioned. It's a year later, and Irene has an agenda. She must get Beck safely married before Beck turns 35...nine days from now. Conniving is Irene's forté, but Beck loathes the pampered rich boys Mom parades before her. She loves running her own successful, to Irene's chagrin, confection store too much to waste time performing like clockwork for Irene's plans.

Happily single, about to be "aunt" to her best friend's soon-to-be-born child, her life is complete...until Reverend Hank Childress enters Northeringale, a town notorious for Christmas Miracles.

Irene is going to hate Hank, but Beck can't keep herself from drooling. Irene needs to win this battle or lose everything she's spent her entire adult life scheming to own, and she's not above any underhanded trick...just ask her ex-husband.

Five books and the royalties from ALL of them are going to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE?

Yes, from September 1, 2011 through the ending of the current quarter all of my royalties for these books will be donated to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE.

Anything else you want to tell my readers?

It is my dream a day will come when we won't need places like The Providence House, but until then, please help. And thank you.

Thank you L.J.

All of the above books can be purchased via Muse It Up Bookstore, for the largest donation amount.

On behalf of myself and all of my Muse Publishing Family...including my Mom, L.J. Holmes, you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Adriana Ryan said...

What a great interview, and mother and daughter, no less! :) I love that all the proceeds from five books are going to such a great place. Thank you, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Lovely interview. It's wonderful that you're donating all royalties to the women's shelter. I'll go shopping now in the MuseItUp bookstore.

Lin said...

Thank you both for stopping by and for your ongoing support for Kat and I as writers, and for my need to give back to The Providence House for all they did for me.

Jemi Fraser said...

I really enjoyed the interview ladies! You're so generous to be donating to Provedence House - great idea! Off to check out the books... :)

gail roughton branan said...

Hey y'all! Late as usual, but finally here! And as always, love you both!

Lin said...

To all who stopped by, thank you. This is my first full year as a published author and the first time I had enough stories out there to try to give back to The Providence House.

I had tried three times earlier during my years with my monster to leave. The Providence House gave me the tools, the ongoing emotional support, and the guidance through the maze to finally and permanently get out. Giving my royalties to them, is just a very small way of thanking them for being there.

M. L. Archer said...

Finally got over here! Loved the interview! I'm proud to know you both!