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Monday, December 26, 2011

My Blessings

2011 is coming to end. For me its been a year of both great things and many health issues. On the great side my first book with my new e-pub house Muse It Up released January 1st, The Lighthouse. It's now out in print too and its my first book ever to go to print.

On the health side I've been plagued with sinus infections up the wahzoo, ended up in the hospital after going septic, and wound up bedridden for weeks. My cat got an eye infection and worst of all, my mom had a small stroke.

But this year has had its fair share of blessings especially by the way of people. I'm only going to name a few because if I mentioned everybody this entry would go on until 2013.:-)

First off I want to tell everyone at Muse, authors and staff how much I appreciate them. Being part of the Muse family means a lot to me. You all rock.

Then there is my next door neighbor Dee who has been a great friend and big help. She's always so sweet and offering to help out. The lady is amazing.

Winnie, another neighbor of mine. She's the most angelic woman I know even though life keeps handing her a raw deal. In spite of living through the blitz, dealing with racial predjudice when she moved here, and burying two children within months of each other, she remains a positive and giving soul.

N.J. Walters, the woman who inspired me to get published in the first place. This woman is my writing hero. And since then she's also become a dear and treasured friend.

Jewish Children's & Family Services. Sound odd? Well this service has helped me and my mom more than I can ever express. This place is a godsend....literally.

Litsa Kamateros, the marketing director for Muse. She's always so encouraging and supportive of my mother and me. She's an absolute gem.

Karen Cote. I met her through Muse but she's become a very close friend since. Knowing her has been one of the greatest blessings.

Sara Durham, another Muse author. Her courage has truly left me awed and inspired.

Delilah K. Stephans, head of the art department. But for me she's become so much more, a best friend and a sister of the heart as her husband Matt has become a brother of the heart. Both of these people are so special and I am so grateful I know them.

Of course I have to add my two kitties, Mamabear and Spatz who make each day fun and filled with joy and lots of cat hair.:-)

And I lastly and most importantly, my Mom, my best friend in the whole universe. She's always there for me and always knows how to make me laugh and feel better when I'm down. She's the best Mom in the whole universe and I thank heaven that she's mine.

And to close I want to mention a few special friends. Kaye Manro, Tanja Cilia, Gail Branan, Penny Ehrenkrantz, Chris Speakman, Greta Gunselman, Carrie RO and Barbara Ehrentreu. And there are so many more.

I'm sorry I can't mention everyone but this would never end. Just know that everyone of you both named here and not have touched my life and filled it. I love each and every one of you and hope that 2012 brings you more joy than ever. Brightest Blessings to you all.


gail roughton branan said...

Kat, knowing you and your mother have truly been a blessing for me this year. Love you both.

lionmother said...

Kat, I am honored to know both you and your mother, Lin. Your struggles both physical and mental have caused me great sadness and I hope that this year brings you a much better situation!! Love You!! Happy New Year!!!

Lin said...

My Darling Daughter...sometimes I think Nonnie's spirit is within you so profoundly are you a part of me. We know each other so weel sometimes it is almost scary, yet I wouldn't change a thing because you are more emotional compass. I love you, Sweet Girl and am thankful beyond measure you chose me to be your Mom.

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Kat, I hope 2012 brings you and Lin good health. :)

I'm so glad I was accepted into Muse and got to meet you and your mom.

Take care,

S.Durham said...

Dear Kat,
I wish you every blessing in 2012! Talk about courage, :) You've got it in spades!

Hugs, Sara

Kaye Manro said...

My goodness, sweetie. I knew you were sick, but I had no idea how bad it was. And your mom-- who would ever have known that? She's so always here online and everywhere it seems!

Here's a wish for the New Year for both of you. I see health and prosperity in your future. The two of you are the most wonderful people I've ever known.


Lin said...

To all of you, as you can tell from my screwed up sentences..especially those I don't go back and painstakingly check over, the stroke has left its mark.

Each and every one of you hold places deep within our hearts. You have given Kat and I family...unconditional love, and a bulwark of support against the odds.

We love you all.

Lisa and those at JFCS...We have been humbled by the generoity of the world so many times during the last two years, but what you did for us for this Holiday Season...Simply saying Thank you pales.

Kat said...

Darn it. I just re-read my entry and proof positive you miss things even when you've proofed, I meant to add Lea Schizas to this list. Sorry Lea for my scatterbrain. You're an angel and mom and I adore you.

N.J.Walters said...

I'm honored to be included in your list and I'm blessed to know you and your mom.

Karen Cote said...

Being late to the party this time of year can happen but this is one time that I truly, truly am sorry to have missed.

I love you Kitty-Kat. I cherish meeting you beyond what this blog can convey.

Thank you for all that you are.