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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tapestry Tribute Part 2!

Time for the second part of my tribute to my favorite series, the Tapestry series by N.J. Walters. Part two is dedicated to books three and four in the series.

Book three is my all time favorite. They are all excellent but I so fell in love with Jarmon and Garrick. Two wonderful men. And the heroine, Genny, is a sweet and amazing woman giving all that she has endured.

Book Three is Woven Dreams:

In Javara, women are scarce and brothers must share a woman, although only one can claim her as a wife.

Scarred and maimed from a battle fought almost a year ago, Jarmon Bakra is afraid chances are slim that he and his twin brother, Garrik, will find a bride.

While on a hunting trip, the brothers stumble upon a woman in the forest claiming to be a tapestry bride. Now that fate has dropped a beautiful, courageous woman in their path, they will both use all their sexual skills separately and together to convince her to stay.

But Genny has secrets of her own and they have only three days to uncover the truth.

And may I say the cover for Woven Dreams is sexy uber hot. Book four, Threads Of Destiny was the most asked for ever since the first book. It's Marc Garen's story and is the only one to break the rules a bit.
Marc Garen knows and understands the laws of his world. On Javara, women are scarce and brothers must share, although only one can be her husband. But he is lonely to the depths of his soul and longs for a woman of his own. A woman who has haunted his dreams.

Kathryn is a scientist, fighting to save two genetically enhanced super soldiers from termination when a magical tapestry transports them all to Javara. Now three men share Kathryn’s bed, all bent on satisfying her every desire. But Marc is resolved to make her his alone. He has three days to convince her…before the tapestry returns.

All these books are fantastic. Click here to get your own copies and join me next week for books five and six.


N.J.Walters said...

I love these books and I'm so glad you do too. :)

Kat said...

They are the absolute best.:-)

S.Durham said...

Wow what a imaginative premise, using the magical tapestry. And N.J.your books sound pretty hot and sizzling:) Thanks for sharing this new author (to me that is) with us Kat!

Cheers, Sara

Lin said...

What a treasure, two of my favorite people together. How lucky can you get. May I just say...OMG what amazing covers for equally amazing tales. Lucky us to have the epitome of the best in one palce.

N.J.Walters said...

Glad you like the premise. I love writing this series.

N.J.Walters said...

Thank you so much, Lin. I love all the covers for this series. Syneca is the artist and she is a cover goddess!

Anonymous said...

I just loved your tapestry books N.J. You are a great author to have read and continue read your books.