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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tapestry Tribute Part 4!

Welcome to the final installment of my tribute to the amazing Tapestry series by N.J. Walters. In the previous weeks I have posted blurbs of each book. Now, for my final tribute I am going to tell you all what I love about each of the 6 books.

Book 1: Christina's Tapestry. This story is the first one I read and its the first in the series. It not only introduced me to the world of Javara, it introduced me to the magic of N.J. Walters's written words. What I loved most about this book was Christina herself. She's not model thin. In fact by today's standards she's considered fat.

Yet when she is swept away to Javara, both Garen brothers love that she isn't a stick. They make her realize she's beautiful just as she is and I think that's a lesson all women could stand to learn. Christina is a "real" woman,  not some photoshopped ideal in the magazines.

Book 2: Bakra Bride. Oh man I love this book. We met the Bakra brothers back in Christina's book, but here they come into their own and I truly fell in love with them. Four strong, loving, and protective men with so much honor. Bakra Bride focuses on the 2 eldest, Zaren and Bador, and the woman brought by the tapestry to them, Jane Smith.

Jane Smith witnessed a murder and it ruined her life and nearly got her killed in the process. But, when the youngest brother Jarmon is mortally injured she fights to save him, to make him want to live. You can't help but love her.

Book 3: Woven Dreams. This is my absolute FAVORITE of the 6. It's about the two younger Bakra brothers, twins Jarmon and Garrik. Jarmon, who was seriously wounded and maimed in Jane's book despairs he and his brother will ever find a woman who will accept them both. But Genita Craddock, the abused younger sister of the brutal Craddock family is found on their land after she flees her own home.

From tales told by her cruel brothers, she's woven her own tapestry of dreams that includes the younger Bakra brothers. All three of them are scarred, wounded, and hurting. Watching them overcome their pasts is beautiful and a story I can not help but love.

Book 4: Threads of Destiny. This is the only book to break the rules. Marc Garen became second husband to Christina back in book one, but she was never able to truly accept him and his loneliness has become a stark open wound. More than anything, he longs to have a woman of his own that he doesn't have to share despite the laws of Javara. Then the tapestry arrives and brings Kathryn Piedmont into his world.

I like that this one broke the rules a bit and showed that the tapestry, because of its magical nature doesn't give a flying fig what the rules of Javara are. It decides who needs it most and sees to it that it comes to pass. I also liked that Marc was willing to give up his own world and return to hers. He's the only hero who now has an understanding of all that the women sacrifice when they choose to stay in Javara.

Book 5: Embroidered Fantasies. Only the youngest 2 brothers of the 6 Craddocks now remain. All the others have died due to their own brutality and treachery. Radnor and Sednar are different. They're good men who honor women even though people are still suspicious of them thanks to their older brothers's reputations. And when Roxanne, an abused woman arrives on their land, those whispers about them nearly cost them everything.

This book was awesome and it also slightly broke the rules. Roxanne's abusive ex was brought to Javara. But I really liked it because it meant justice got to be served on a cruel animal. And Sednar and Radnor won my heart. These are two men of honor with wounded souls and watching them blossom with Roxanne's love made me cry.

Book 6: Fabric Of Fate. We meet the Dannon brothers back in Marc and Kathryn's book. They are truly amazing men. But though they can provide well for a woman with food, they are not as rich as other keeps. Luxuries they can't provide so no woman is willing to marry them. Then the tapestry brings Audrey in the midst of a terrible storm to them.

I fell in love with Abrah and Heroc. These two men are wonderful and I couldn't help but wish I were Audrey. Their love and protection was absolute. And they truly cherish her. I'd have snapped both men up in a heartbeat.

And that is my tribute to one of THE best series I have ever read in my life. N.J. Walters is a sensational author, but she is also a dear friend that I am blessed to have in my life. This woman has done so many things to make me smile when I've been down or injured. Truly she is an angel on earth and I strongly urge everyone to read her books. They are so good you won't be sorry.

You can get her Tapestry Series here. But you can also find some of her works here at Samhain. And thank you all for joining me in honoring a truly great series and a truly great author.


N.J.Walters said...

Thank you so very much for the moving tribute to my books. I can't thank you enough.


Fiona Archer said...

Kate, what a warm tribute you've provided for NJ and also a great round up of the series for those that have yet to discover and read these books! Thanks for the overview. :-)

Fiona said...

Well, bugger! I meant KAT, not Kate. LOL

Lin said...

I am always awed by your comjprehnesive and descriptive blog postings. You make the Tapestry series something we should all scurry to our nearest boks seller ans demade (s)he fork over every copy of (N.J.Walters rich Tapestry series. NONW!)

Well done Ladies,

Kat said...

My greatest joy has been doing this. N.J. Walters is an amazing lady.