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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful For

2012 is coming to an end. This has been a very rough year combined with 2 moves and loads of health issues. Also, we've seen some pretty terrible things this year. The devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the shootings in Connecticut and on Christmas Day we had tornadoes here in the Gulf Coast.

But I still have a lot of things to be grateful for and here now is a list of all the things that have made 2012 special.

1: My mom and best friend. I don't know what I'd do without her to laugh with. She's an angel on Earth.

2: N.J. Walters. This woman is amazing. She's an author but she's also a dear friend who always seems to know when I'm down and she does something to cheer me up. For Christmas she sent me THE most beautiful card ever and she made the card herself. It wasn't store-bought.

3: Kevin Hopson and Rose Oliveri. Both of these wonderful people have helped Mom and me through some really rough patches and I love them dearly for it.

4: Glenn Kleier. He is a constant source of friendship and support. When we moved into our new place he sent a couple of housewarming gifts that brought smiles to our faces.

5: Laura Stamps. I LOVE this woman. She helped mom and I when we desperately needed to feel safe. And she also sent us a housewarming gift. I am so grateful I joined Twitter just to have met this woman.

6: Mamabear & Spatz. My two adorable kitties. They are the ones I totally credit with bringing Mom and me out of a depression after having to move a second time.

7: Lea Schizas. She's my publisher but also a dear friend and we talk to her on the phone a lot. She's been there for me and for Mom through many of our more recent difficult times.

8: Litsa Kamateros: Our marketing director and the sweetest woman you could ever know. She too has been there for us and is a wonderful friend.

9: Gail Branan. This woman is wonderful and she helped in ways I can't express when we desperately needed it and thought we were alone.

10: Suzi Safi. I love this woman. She is the sweetest person ever. She's a dear friend whom I treasure and I wish I still lived close enough to visit. I miss you angel girl!

11: Charlotte Volnek. She is a dear friend who's kept my secrets even while she let me unload my troubles on her shoulder. Love you C.K.

12: Marion Sipe. I cherish this woman for making my mom smile. Best gift ever that I could receive.

13: Sara Durham. She has been a true friend for several years now and I am so grateful for her.

14: Nancy, Chris and Greta, my three editors. These ladies are wonderful and I adore each and every single one of them.

15: Emmy Ellis. I have known this woman for several years and she's a sweetheart and so much fun. Wish I lived in England.:-)

16: Tanja. She's been a dear friend and confidant to both my mother and me. I love you sweetie.

There are so many more, too many to count but I want you all to know just how much I cherish you. Happy New Year and may 2013 be an amazing year for us all.


Laura Stamps, Pagan Erotica Novelist said...

Wow! What an awesome surprise!! Love you and your mom dearly. And I'm so happy you are safe and sound now. It took a while, but things are really good for you now, and that thrills me. You are both precious spirits and you deserve the very best in life. Happy Long Nights Moon Esbat!! ~bighugcoziloveyou~

Lin said...

You are a treasure, my darling daughter, and have thanked people that have become more than friends since we came out of hiding in August 2008. It's hard to believ we've only been a part of this new world since then.

I love you Kat, from the depths of my soul. Thank you for being you.

Kat Holmes said...

You mean the world to both of us. I adore you and am so grateful we've met.

Kat Holmes said...

I love you so much mom.

Kevin Hopson said...

Though there are countless others you didn't mention, it's an honor to see my name on your list. You and your mother are two very special people in my life. Thank you for your friendship. Love ya!

Kat Holmes said...

I'd never have completed this posting if I listed em all. Love you Kevin.:-)

N.J.Walters said...

I hope you and Lin have a fabulous 2013. Thank you for including me on your list. And I'm so glad you liked the card.

Kat Holmes said...

Was there ever a doubt you'd be on my list NJ?:-) And I adore the card.

Suzannah Safi said...

Kat and Lin, both are the most wonderful and kind ladies I have ever known. I love you and thank you for the beautiful surprise, and to think of me as a special person in your life is just priceless. Love Ya!

Kat Holmes said...

We adore you Suzi.

Lin said...

Kat is right...there are so many more...and to name a few more...Cyrus Keith and his beautiful family, Kay Dee Royal, Danielle Ravencroft, Penny Ehrenkranz, Rosalie Skinner, Sue Perkins, Mary Andrews, Jim Hartley, Brian Knight, Viviane Brentanos, Mary Hovris, Gary Kleier, Nika Dixon, Heather Haven, Chastity Bush, Jo Pfander Rose DellAiria, Cari Rydbom, Chrystalla Thoma, Jennifer Brown, Ansley Blackstock, Elle Braun, Missy Lyon, Renee Rocco, Christine London, Paul McGrath, Erica Scott McGrath,Barbara Ehrenkranz, Laurann Dohner, Mary Coffey, J.Q. Rose, Marva Dasef, Graeme Smith, and so many more. All of you have come to mean the world to us.

gail roughton branan said...

You know you made me cry, right?

Kat Holmes said...

Aww don't cry Gail.:-)

S. Durham Author said...

Ah Kat, I too feel honored to have been mentioned in your 'thankful for' post! We have all grown together at Muse, and I value you and your mom's friendship immensely because it extends beyond promo and other stuff. It is special because we as writers need this bond with other writers, that we can't always have with our family and other friends:)

Wishing you and your Mom a healthy and prosperous New Year, full of lots of little blessings!

Luv and hugs, Sara