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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another great N.J. Walters release!

Coming October 8, 2013 from Samhain Publishing, Howl of the Wolf, book four in my dear friend, N.J. Walters Hades Carnival series. This woman knows how to weave great stories and I have never read a book I didn't like by her. Check out the blurb below for her upcoming release.

When artist and tarot reader Sabrina Wolfe runs across an old carousel wolf in an antique shop, she can’t resist buying the compelling symbol of her totem animal, her protector. But she isn’t prepared when the wooden animal comes to fang-flashing life—and shifts into a darkly sexy man.

Arand is the last of seven immortal warriors sworn to protect the Lady of the Beasts. Freed by Sabrina’s touch, their instant physical attraction is hot, intense—yet neither is safe until twenty-four hours have passed and the curse is truly broken.

Hades plans to use every one of those hours to unleash his last effort to control the world—or see both the warrior and his woman dead. Though help comes from unexpected quarters, Arand and Sabrina alone risk paying the ultimate price for victory. Their lives…and their very souls.

To learn more about the rest of the books in this series and all her other novels, go to N.J. Walters website. And be sure to get your copy of Howl of the Wolf when it releases from Samhain Publishing.:-)

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