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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Penny Estelle Is Back!

My dear friend and fellow author Penny Estelle is back with her exciting middle grade time travel series. Bumped Back In Time, part of her Wickware Saga, is the fourth book and will release from Muse It Up Publishing September 27th. Here's Penny to tell us a bit about her newest book!

Good morning, Kat, and let me say how much I appreciate you letting me barge onto your blog today to talk about Bumped Back In Time.

Miss Wickware is a 7/8th grade history teacher at Langdon Middle School whom, some say, can make unexplainable, weird, magical things happen.  Rumor has it that certain students have actually experienced time travel, finding themselves, nose to nose, with the subject they had drawn from a box during class.  They were expected to do research on said subject and then present an oral report.  There is no proof but there are stories of William Tell, Sybil Ludington, and Molly Pitcher, being a few of the historical heroes that have been involved in this, so-called, time travel.

Sammy Brown, winner of the first junior sailing regatta for kids, ages twelve to fourteen, is about to become a member of the above, elite group.  When she ends up in the nineteenth century, it's her expertise with a sailboat that enables her and one of the most famous poets in American history, to rescue a Doctor being held prisoner, and lands her square in the middle of a famous American battle.

Bumped Back In Time is Book 4 in the Wickware Sagas and is to be released on September 27.  If you preorder, there is a 20% discount.  You can check out all four books of the Wickware Sagas at: 

Excerpt from Bumbped Back In Time

A full moon lit up the bedroom.  Sammy lay on the feather mattress in the dark, staring at the ceiling.  The window was wide open, a breeze stirring the curtains, though it did nothing to take away the mugginess of the night air.  The nightgown Sarah had given Sammy was drenched with sweat and it stuck to her like a second skin.
She got up and walked to the balcony.  Dr. Beanes had been right about his wife.  Sarah had sat Sammy down and got her a bowl of left over wild turkey and boiled sweet potatoes, which she inhaled.
The older woman tisked her tongue and her head shook in sympathy, distressed at the poor girl’s story.  “Your mother must be worried beyond belief,” Sarah said.
“Oh, I’m sure she’s freaking out all over the place,” Sammy snorted.  “And like she’ll ever buy this story!”
“I don’t understand.  You write stories to sell to your freakish mother?”
Sammy had to chuckle at that one. “No.  She’s just going to kill me.”
Outraged, the woman came to her feet.  “She will do no such thing.  William will make sure that you are safe!”
Staring into the night, Sammy smiled at the memory.  She had assured Sarah it was only a saying, but the woman did not seem convinced.
The sound of horses, riding up to the Beane home, brought Sammy out of her reverie.  At least ten men, all in red coats, jumped off their horses and headed toward the house.                              
A serving girl tapped on Sammy’s door before opening it.  “Please ma’am, Mistress Beane would like you to come to her room, quickly.”  She turned to lead the way without waiting for a reply, Sammy, hurrying to catch up.
The scene that greeted Sammy when the bedroom opened had the hairs on the back of her neck, not only standing straight out at attention, but screaming “run…hide…wake up!”  Goose bumps broke out on her sweaty body.
Dr. Beane was sitting on a chair putting on his shoes while Sarah was wringing her hands and pale as the snow-white nightgown she was wearing.
Before Sammy could utter a word a BANG BANG BANG came from the door downstairs and that’s when all hell broke loose!

Thanks to all who took the time to stop by today.  I would like to offer one of the first three books of the Wickware Sagas to one commenter.  Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare, Ride of a Lifetime, or Flash to the Past, in whichever format you would prefer.

More about myself and my books can be found at:

I have read the first three in this series and it is sensational. It also gives us a unique view of historical events. Bumped Back In Time releases September 27th but is available right now for pre-order so get your copy. It's the perfect time for this as it is back to school month!


Penny's Tales said...

Good morning, Kat....thanks so much for having me today, and those kind words.

Suzanne de Montigny said...

Hurray! Can't wait. I'll be first in line.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to have you Penny.

Suzanne her books are well worth the wait.:-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, a book where anything and everything is possible! Sounds exciting!
Heather G - Natasha's Dream

Penny's Tales said...

Heather and Suzanne...As always, thanks for your support and for stopping by!

Cellophane Queen said...

Hey, Penny: I'm going to add this 4th in the series to your post on my blog on the 23rd.

Congrats on the new book coming out this Friday.

Penny's Tales said...

Thanks Marva...that would be great!

Renee Duke said...

Hi Penny,
Great to hear you have another book out for your series. It's hard to stop time travelling once you start, isn't it?

Penny's Tales said...

Hi Renee and thanks for stopping. It really is. The Wickware Sagas is supposed to be out in print this Christmas and I'm already looking for stories for Volume Two!

Penny's Tales said...

One more time, let me thank all who stopped by and especially Kat for having me. I drew a name and Renee Duke is the winner. I will contact you by email.