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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Issue of Body

I don't normally rant but I can't take it anymore. First, Fox News calls Robin Williams a coward, hoping to use his tragic death for their own political agendas, and now this. Is Fox News just chock full of insensitive creeps?

Now, regardless of your political leanings, whether you support or are against the Obama administration, this is beyond contempt. Most people know that for the duration of her time as first lady, Michele Obama has been a public speaker about the need for better nutrition in our schools to combat obesity. It's a very important cause to her.

Fox news was apparently talking about nutrition in schools and then said Michele is fat and needs to lose weight. WHAT? Are you serious. Check out these two pics of Michele and tell me she's overweight.

I wish I was just mad at Fox but I'm not. This society as a whole is filled with creeps who make women...yes WOMEN...hate themselves. Ashley Judd was publicly persecuted for having a puffy face, Lady Gaga had the press salivating when she put on weight, and frankly every woman on earth is bombarded with the idea that if they aren't a size zero they're fat and ugly and not worth anything.

These two pictures are of me when I was 18. Not bad huh?

I weighed 140 pounds which turned out to be my ideal weight. But I loathed myself and felt fat and ugly. Now looking back I honestly think I looked pretty darn good. But I couldn't see it. I didn't look like Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley so therefore I was ugly.

Here's what I look like now.

Yes, I am overweight. I admit it. I weigh 260. But before you judge me and say that's what I get for stuffing my face I don't eat that much. I have hives and the only thing that controls them is a steroid called prednisone. It's horrible stuff with a lot of side effects, one of which is massive weight gain.

And once you've been on it and gained weight you can't seem to lose it no matter what you do. I swim a lot, but I have never lost a pound of the weight the drug has caused me.

However, I can guarantee people who look at me will see only the weight and will snicker and call me names behind my back. It will never occur to them that I and many others aren't overweight due to poor eating habits, but medical issues.

It's easy to judge, but one day it can just as easily be you. And frankly, I think instead of putting women down because we aren't Twiggy, maybe instead we should consider who people are. We aren't our bodies. So stop judging us by them.

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