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Friday, March 17, 2006

If you have never tried the Nancy Drew computer games and are a Nancy Drew fan, I highly suggest trying them. They are really good with puzzles that make you think. I own six of the 13 and plan to eventually buy them all. My favorite so far is number 9, Danger On Deception Island. But all of them are really good.

I don't normally use my blog to tout PC games but these are just too good and shouldn't be missed. Of course, I grew up with Nancy Drew so naturally I love having the chance to play as her. And you get to hear voices of other characters too. If you get stuck you can call and talk to Hannah, Ned, Bess & George and the Hardy Boys. In number 12, Secret Of The Old Clock you get to talk to Nancy's dad, Carsen Drew. It's really cool. And in number 13, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, you actually get to meet and work with Frank & Joe Hardy.

Number 14 isn't out yet but it will be called Danger By Design and takes Nancy to France where she must solve a high-fashion mystery. Since we got to meet the Hardy boys, who knows who we might meet next. Maybe Bess & George. A fashion mystery would definately be the perfect way to bring fashion nut Bess into it.:-)

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