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Kat's Blog

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring is THE worst season in the world. I know many people love spring. Warm, beautiful weather is coming back. But I loathe spring with a passion. I suffer from awful allergies all year round but spring is the worst. Though it's still cool here in NJ the "nice" weather is beginning and my allergies are getting bad. I've woken up every day with a sinus headache for over a week. And unfortunately, my allergies get so bad in springtime that my usual allergy medicine doesn't help. What's worse is at this time of year, no medication helps. I wish we could go back to winter. No major allergies, and no bugs. I hate spring.


Jill Monroe said...

Spring is my favorite season, because my birthday was just a few days after the official first day of Spring.

But I hear you Kat on the allergies. It seems like they get worse every year!

Kathy said...

Yeah my brother's birthday also falls in Spring. His birthday was three days ago. But I still hate Spring.:-)

Hey and thank for the post. I just finished your book "Share The Darkness" on Saturday and it was fantastic.