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Kat's Blog

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I am a total bug freak. I fear all insects whether they bite, sting, or just plain look ugly. Big bugs, little bugs, doesn't matter. And I am not talking minor fear here. I am talking heart-pounding, chest-bursting panic type fear. A fly comes into my house and I can't rest until I have hunted the thing down and killed it. I drag my cats from room to room because they have better eyesight than we humans and can tell me if the bug I am hunting is present. I make my Mom stop whatever she is doing and help me look. Drives her batty.

If a bug buzzes past my ear, even a harmless little fly, I will yell in sheer terror. Hmm, we had a pre-emptive war or terror, can we declare war on insects? They terrorize me so why not? I have been this way all my life and I don't know why. I just fear bugs....ALL BUGS. I mean I literally have panic attacks when they are around me.

My apartment complex is upgrading our apartments to be more energy efficient. They are adding energy saver windows and doors. To do this they are spending the summer knocking out the old doors and windows and leaving big gaping holes in the walls. This is definately gonna let the bugs in. They haven't gotten to our apartment yet, but you can imagine I am not looking forward to this.

I hate summer. I would much rather it be winter all year. No bugs in winter. They are all hibernating, far away from us poor people. Bugs, eww icky yuck. I hate em all. Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.


Jeri said...

Don't feel bad, it's not supposed to be rational. My most hated bug is one that's totally harmless--the earwig. Just the thought of them makes me shudder. They are so foul.

But for the most part I leave "good" insects (i.e., bugs that eat other bugs), as well as spiders, alone. As long as they're not crawling on me, I'm content to live and let live. I think I read somewhere that if all the bugs in the world died, all life on earth would die in two weeks.

Yesterday, my cat was frantically chasing a fly all around the living room, expending all sorts of maniacal energy. Meanwhile my dog lay perfectly still on her bed. Next thing I know, CHOMP! She's chowed down on the fly without even moving, just by waiting for it to come to her.

It was very Zen, and made my cat look like an idiot. But he had fun, and that's all that counts.

Good luck, and think snow!

Kathy said...

Well, I'm not out to kill all the bugs in the world, only the ones who dare to invade my home.:-) And how your cat acted...that's how I act when there is a bug in the house.:-)