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Saturday, September 09, 2006

End Of Summer...Good Riddance!

I hate summer. It's the one season I could definately do without. So I am not sorry to see summer winding it's way elsewhere. There are 2, yes 2, major issues with summer that causes me to hate it.

Issue 1: It's too freaking hot. I mean come on, we had a whole week here where the temperature reached 114 degrees everyday. Air conditioning can only do so much in that type of extreme heat. And to make it worse every day was extremely humid too so you couldn't breathe.

Issue 2: Bugs! This is the major issue with me. I am a total bug-a-phobe so I definately hate summer when the bugs are out. And to prove just how much they dislike me, I was walking back from my mailbox yesterday with the mail. Just as I got to my door a yellowjacket stung me in the back! I wasn't doing anything to provoke it. I didn't even know it was there and I get stung. I really, really hate bugs. Good thing I'm not allergic to bee stings but my back seriously hurt for several hours.

So unlike all the kids who have to go back to school and the adults who have to return to work, I am totally glad to see summer leave. I am eagerly waiting for winter for the same reason I am glad to see summer go. In winter, it's cold and there are no bugs. A lot of people say they hate cold weather but I feel that you can dress for the cold and be warm. In summer, even if you went naked on really hot days you wouldn't be cool. Bye bye summer and please do be a stranger.

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