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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Ultimate Villian!

The Dark Phoenix is my all-time favorite villian from the Marvel Universe. And she was the ultimate villian, male or female. We are not talking ordinary nasty, she had the power to destroy whole solar systems. When the Phoenix entity inhabited the body of X-Men hero Jean Grey, it became corrupted by human emotions. It took cruel pleasure from dark sensations and the ultimate control over life and death. The Dark Phoenix was an unstoppable force. No one could touch her. Well, except for Jean Grey in the few moments she could wrest control of her body and mind. It was Jean who destroyed the Dark Phoenix by taking her own life on the moon. Jean would be reborn years later.

The third installment of the X-Men films is about to be released on DVD and the character I am dying to see portrayed is the Dark Phoenix. Those of you who saw X-Men 2 know at the end of the film Jean sacrifices herself to save the others from an oncoming wall of water when the dam burst. She is resurrected in X3 but the Dark Phoenix takes over. The Dark Phoenix joins with Magneto's army for a time, but eventually she even turns on them and goes on a killing spree. I haven't seen the film because I was sick when it came out in the theaters but I am dying to see the DVD. I have it on pre-order.

In all of the Marvel Universe there is no greater villian than the Dark Phoenix in my opinion. She was the strongest, most merciless villian ever. She didn't kill or cause harm for any specific agenda like most villians. She wasn't trying to enslave the universe and gain power. She killed simply for the sensation of it. The purest form of evil ever was the Dark Phoenix, my favorite villian EVER!

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