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Kat's Blog

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Audio Books

I personally LOVE audio books. I never listen to a book until I have read it though because it's important to me to read the story first. But, once I have read a book, if there is an audio version I love to then listen to the story in audio. I think it's really cool to hear a voice actor read the story and do the voices of the various characters. They can make the story take on a new life.

I just bought a copy of Dark Desire by Christine Feehan on audio. It's offered through Dorchester for a great price. And the cool part is they record your copy when you order it. It means waiting a couple weeks, but how cool is that? An audio book made to order? I can't wait to get it. Dark Desire is one of my FAVORITE of the Carpathian novels. Not all of my favorites have been released yet, but I'll get them as they come out.

I have also listened to all of Nora Roberts' stuff on audio. My favorite audio of hers is her jewel trilogy that takes place in Ireland. It is so neat listening to the voice actor doing the Irish accents. So do you like audios? Which ones have you listened to?

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