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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Was Tagged

There is this meme going around . Eight things people don't know about you and I got tagged courtesy of Jeri Smith-Ready. Now, while the rules say I need to tag 8 more people, I'm not gonna do it. Basically because everyone I know has been tagged already...some twice. The only person I know who hasn't been tagged is my mom and she threatened me with bodily harm if I tagged her so that's out. So here are 8 things about me probably only my mom knows about me.:-)

1: My favorite classical composition is the 1812 Overture. I love that music.

2: I'm a video game fanatic. But I don't like action fighting type games. I like mystery games. I'm a huge fan of the Nancy Drew computer games.

3: I used to sing with my school's travelling choir when I was a kid. We'd go and compete nationally against other schools. I was really good but nowadays I can't carry a tune.

4: I'm a total comic book geek. I LOVE X-Men and Fantastic Four. I love the movies too.

5: I'm also a comics geek. Nothing is this world beats Garfield The Cat. Again the movies were fabulous.

6: Now I loved all three Lord Of The Ring movies, but I'm a total minority in the fact that I LOATHED the books. Reading them felt like I was having root canal done on all my teeth at once. One of the few things where in my opinion, the movies were better than the books.

7: I love lighthouses. I can't explain it but lighthouses totally fascinate me.

8: My secret hollywood crush would have to be Patrick Stewart. I LOVE his voice, it's just amazing. Yes he's way older than me but I still think he's sexy as heck!

So that's my list. I hope your feeling more informed and enlightened. If not, well what did you expect? It's only 8 things.:-)

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