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Monday, June 25, 2007

The One I've Waited For!

It's finally here. It's taken 5 years, but the release of the book I've been waiting for is now finally out. Book 5 in Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series will be released tomorrow. It's Hannah's story and is the one I have been so eagerly waiting for. I am so excited.

Christine Feehan comes from a large family herself and so she decided to write a series about a large family of seven sisters. She added magical ability to the mix. Each sister has a unique talent. An ancient family prophecy says they will each find their destined love one after the other starting from oldest and going through to youngest. But each path to love will be fraught with danger that threatens their lives.

Hannah is the fifth born sister and it's time for her story to be told. While all the other stories have been going on, Hannah has been an absolute fascination. She's incredibly beautiful and a famous model. She's one of the strongest magical talents of the sisters able to control the wind and earth. But she is EXTREMELY shy. Whenever a man or a stranger gets near her, she stutters terribly. Thrown into her already troubled reality is long-time family friend Jonas Harrington.

Jonas has loved Hannah for years, but he doesn't truly understand her. So, he often resorts to cruel insults and jabs when dealing with her, not realizing he is cracking her already shaky sense of self-worth. I have been so eager to get to the story of these two. Jonas needs a serious wake-up call and he's about to get it.

The basic synopsis is Jonas is recovering from a serious gunshot wound received while infiltrating a Russian spy ring. While watching the television to see Hannah's fashion show in New York, he's horrified to watch a madman climb on the stage and stab Hannah. Now Hannah is fighting for her life while this same madman continues to stalk her. Jonas must protect her because she has also lost her magic, and in so doing must finally learn about the woman he has long loved.

I can't wait. It comes out tomorrow. It's called Safe Harbor. I have had this book on pre-order for a month. I am so looking forward to it. I highly suggest getting this book. It's gonna be awesome I just know it.

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