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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer Reading Round Up!

Well, the summer is coming to an end. All the kiddies are back in school and it's time for the summer reading round-up! I only have a couple of books in my reading round-up this time. As most of you know, I was dealing with some serious issues this summer and I just haven't been reading much. Now that that's all past, I should be able to get reading again. But the few books I have in my round-up were all fantastic and I think you'd enjoy them. So here goes my short list for my summer reading.

Safe Harbor: This book by Christine Feehan is by and large my favorite book that I read this summer. As I said in an earlier post, this book got both my mom and I through what was really a very difficult time and I am totally in debt to Ms. Feehan for that. Plus, it's a totally awesome book. I loved this story and had been waiting for five years for it.

Dark Possession: I just finished this book also by Christine Feehan and I loved it. I'm a total Christine Feehan fanatic and her books NEVER disappoint. Check my last post if you'd like a description of the story.

What's A Ghoul To Do?: This is a brand new series by Victoria Laurie. I first got onto her works through her Psychic Eye mystery series. This new series is great and so funny. It's all about a ghost-hunting parapsychologist and is absolutely hilarious.

That's my reading round-up. Told you it wasn't much but for the little bit I have read this summer, it was great. I loved all these books and will read them all again. What's in your reading round-up?

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