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Friday, March 14, 2008

Winter Reading Round-Up!

Well, it's mid-March and the weather here is in the 50's. So, that means it is time for the winter reading round-up. Here is a list of my favorite reads over the winter. They are by no means everything I have read, just my favorites.

Predatory Game: This book is the latest edition in Christine Feehan's Ghostwalker series and was awesome. It arrived yesterday and I read it in 3 hours. Saber and Jesse are awesome characters, each tormented by a horrific past. Saber especially is a tragic heroine. I loved it.

Vampire Interrupted: This book by Lynsay Sands is one I have been waiting 7 years for and it was so worth it. Marguerite, the heroine of the story, has been through a nightmare that for most of us would only last maybe 50 years. But, because she's an immortal vampire, she has endured for 500. When you read the book and find out just what was done to her, you can not help but feel your heart break. Superb!

Woven Dreams: This e-book by NJ Walters is dynomite. I am totally in love with her work and her Tapestry series, of which Woven Dreams is the third installment, is my favorite. She really knows how to tell a tale!

Real Vampires Have Curves and Real Vampires Live Large: These two books by Gerry Bartlett are awesome. I love the character of Glory and am eagerly looking forward to the third book due out this summer. Glory is not the traditional female vampire. She isn't tall, slinky, and raven haired. She's short, blond, and has curves. She was a size twelve when she was turned, and a size twelve is what she will be until the end of her immortal life.:-)

In The Blood: This book is number four in Savannah Russe's Darkwing Chronicles. The story is awesome. It's about a group of vampires who are forced to work for the government as spies. If they refuse, they will be terminated. These are very reluctant heroes. Awesome series.

Unchained and Guardian Of The Keep: These two books are the first two novels in an awesome series by Lori Devoti. It deals with Norse legends and myths. The characters of both books live in a world where the Norse gods are alive and meddling still in people's lives. I strongly endorse these books. Book three is coming out soon and I can't wait.

The Undead Next Door: This book is the most recent release in Kerrelyn Sparks vampire series and totally rocks. The hero, who is a vampire, is a high-class fashion designer. He's surrounded constantly by thin, tall models, but he prefers women with curves. I totally fell in love with Jean-Luc. What a man!

I think that's plenty. So tell me, what's in your reading round-up?

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