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Kat's Blog

Monday, September 01, 2008

I Can't Catch A Break!

I have been sick most of this year. Two months ago, when I was finally feeling better, I ventured from my house for the first time since January. I thought it was finally okay for me to go out again. I should have known better. I'm not that lucky. Yes, I am sick again. And once again, by the order of my doctor and my mother, I am on restriction again.

That means no going out except for doctor's appointments again for who knows how long. The way things are going, I might not be allowed out of the house until next year. This is totally driving me nuts. I can't tell you how sick I am of being sick. On the plus side though, I have been too tired to do anything but read lately. I'll be talking about some of the fantastic stuff I've been reading over the next few days. But I am still tired of being sick.

I don't mind the tiredness, but I am so sick of sore throats. It is driving me insane. Anyways, tomorrow I'll be telling you about a great new book I just read and I'll be covering some of the other ones later on. Happy Labor Day all.

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