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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Celtic Woman

I have discovered the most beautiful and haunting musical group ever. They are called Celtic Woman and their musical abilities are just amazing. The group includes five lead vocalists and a violinist. This picture doesn't show one of the vocalists because she is a new addition to the group but she is just as talented as the others.

All the girls have extremely successful solo careers and did so even before they got together for Celtic Woman, but collectively they are jaw dropping. Chloe got her first album out when she was only thirteen years old. At age fifteen, she joined up and toured with Celtic Woman its very first year. She is an amazing soprano singer who adds a touch of innocence to her singing.

Lisa is the brunette and her voice is fantastic. She had already released several albums before becoming one of the Celtic Woman members. She has a wide range of tones she can hit, everything from soprano to an alto. She had only just given birth four weeks before Celtic Woman embarked on its first tour. When she sings May It Be by Enya, it's stunning.

Meav is a truly stunning soprano. All the girls can hit the high notes, but Meav stands out. She's an uber soprano, the kind where you hope no one standing near her has a glass in their hands because she'll shatter it. Have you ever heard Enya sing Marble Halls? Well, Meav can really sing it. And that is saying something because if you ever heard Enya sing it she's phenomenal at it. Like the others, Meav has her own successful solo career as well.

Orla has a very sweet and very Gaelic quality to her voice. She can also play the harp and play it well. Orla is the tall red head and she looks a bit like Celine Dion. But she has the voice of an absolute angel. Any song that calls for a voice as smooth as silk calls for Orla's talent. Plus, she plays the harp for others while they are singing their solo songs. The woman is multi-talented.

Hayley is the last of the vocalists and she is the newest addition. She was not part of the first tour but has since been added to the roster and her voice is just as amazing as the other girls. Like the other's Hayley had a successful singing career before coming into the group and the popularity of Celtic Woman has only made it more so.

Mairead is the violinist and her ability to play fiddle will leave you speechless. Before joining Celtic Woman Mairead had a successful career as a fiddler with several popular bands. And she and several other members of Celtic Woman had also performed with the huge Broadway hit called Riverdance. Mairead took up the violin when she was six years old.

Celtic Woman is an amazing blend of talents and their abilities to harmonize is stunning. The vocalists were all solo singers and trained as soloists so learning to blend their voices was tricky, but it has been so worth it. Their music is fantastic and I can say without a doubt that you will love them if you hear them.


michael said...

besides the little sprite that jumps around playing the violin, not that great in person. Ask your hubby.

Kathy said...

Um I'm not married.

GPmolly said...

i like them

ketai said...

It's been a long time since I have seen them perform. I must say that they still have the magic. Never seen them live. Only on tv. Guess it was pbs. I don't go to live concerts anymore. I mean you pay 60 bucks and you are stuck in the back at the top of the world and they look smaller than ants. Not worth it for me. Too bad they are getting chubby.