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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

She Actually Said "Let Them Make Cake!"

I have discovered a really fun game for my PS2. It's called Cake Mania 2 Baker's Challenge. The Cake Mania games were originally made for the PC but they then combined the games of Cake Mania and Cake Mania 2 Back to the Bakery for the PS2 release. This game is so much fun.

Jill grew up around her grandparents' bakery and fell in love with making cakes. She comes home after graduating culinary school to find that a big company bought the lease to her grandparents' little bakery and shut them down. Determined to win back their bakery, Jill embarks on a baking adventure with a lot of really quirky customers.

In Back to the Bakery, Jill enters a contest for a free vacation for her grandparents. She has to make her bakery the best in order to win and again must deal with really quirky and demanding customers. Both games are fantastic. The faster you bake the cakes, the more money you get. The more money you make, the better cooking equipment you can get. With better equipment, you can make fancier cakes worth more money.

Cake Mania 2 Baker's Challenge is out now and it is totally fun. You get to make cakes for Santa, Cupid, the Easter Bunny and even Count Dracula along with many other really oddball customers. I love this game. Cake Mania and Cake Mania 2 Back to the Bakery are available as single title releases for the PC and both games are available as a combo for the PS2 which is the version I bought. This game is fun and funny.

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