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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

Happy September all. This month's Goddess of the Written Word goes to Gena Showalter. As a prolific writer of both adult paranormals and YA novels, it seemed only fitting. I love everything of hers that I have read.

My favorites of her stories are her Demon series and her Atlantis series. Her demon series is about a group of warriors who opened Pandora's Box and are now cursed to house the evils contained in the box, which are actually demons, within their own bodies. Each warrior houses a different demon. The first three books were about the demons of Wrath, Death, and Pain. Book four, The Darkest Whisper, has just been released and is about Sabin who houses the demon of doubt. It just arrived so I haven't read it yet but I am so looking forward to it.

Her Atlantis series is unique. It's about all the creatures the Gods created and didn't like so they buried them under the sea and forgot them. The only people who's lives the Gods still are interested in are humans so they have mandated that no one from Atlantis may interract with humans. But several gateways are open between the undersea realm and the human realm. These gateways are supposed to be guarded to prevent humans from entering Atlantis and from Atlanteans to leave, but mistakes happen. My favorite is The Nymph King about Valerian. It's a fantastic story.

So, this month's Goddess of the Written Word is rightfully Gena Showalter. Congratulations. If you'd like to check out any of Gena's books click on the link I have up for her blog. Also, I said I'd announce if I was up to doing the book of the week and I am afraid I will again have to pass on the update this coming Friday. I truly apologize but I am very slowly recovering from this concussion and ask you to please bear with me.

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