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Monday, December 07, 2009

You Never Know!

When you are writing humor, you always are asking yourself two questions. Is it really funny? And will other people get your humor? You just can't tell yourself. So, I'm sick and not up to working on my WIP. I still haven't been able to write chapter 3. Luckily, my deadline for turning this in since it's a Halloween story is not until May. Plenty of time though most likely I'll have it done before the New Year.

But, so I didn't feel like a total slug, I sent the two chapters I have to my mom to check out for me. She helps me edit my writing. And I was on cloud nine when I heard her laughing away. So, since she laughed I guess I accomplished making my story so far funny. Humor is by far the hardest thing to write because what one person finds funny, another person won't. I think, in the end, every one of us fears doing humor for that reason. But at some point, every single one of us attempts it and it's nice to know we succeeded.:-)

My last WIP was a much darker story. I won't go into it because I'm waiting on news about it, but though it's a work of fiction I used it as a sounding board for my own past, a kind of theraputic release. I knew when I started this current one that I needed something lighter and I'm really relieved that the fun and humor came through.


Kaye Manro said...

Good for you! Yeah, I know it is hard to write humor for the very reasons you stated. But I think it's great that you are doing it. I have some funny scenes in my latest, but it's not exactly what I'd call humor and it leads into the sex scene, lol.

Kat said...

Oh there is definitely sexy humor too.:-)

Lin said...

Honey, I know I have been remiss in responding to your blogs...we've both been a bit under the weather, and even on the best of days, bifocals and computer screens are not comfortable friends.

However, your humor comes through loud and clear. I am so proud of the many facets to your writing capabilities and the many emotions you describe and draw the reader into feeling with such ease. Makes me proud I never talked Babytalk to you and began reading to you before you could even focus your newborn eyes.

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