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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kreativ Blog Award!

I am so excited. My friend Kaye Manro nominated me for a Kreativ Blog award. Thank you so much I'm honored. Now, the terms of the award say I have to tell you guys 7 things about myself that no one knows and then nominate 7 other blogs for the award. So here goes my list of 7 things about me:

1: I'm allergic to Tide detergent. I can't have anything washed in Tide near my skin or I can't breathe.

2: I'm about to turn 34 and still watch my favorite cartoon, Scooby Doo.

3: I used to actually be a good singer and competed in state competitions. Note the used to part though.:-)

4: I live for chocolate. Anything chocolate, as long as it doesn't have coconut will be eaten by me.

5: I love all 3 Lord Of The Rings movies but actually despise the books.

6: If you put something back where it's actually supposed to be, I can NEVER find it.

7: I'm part Cherokee and look it.

Ok that's 7 things about me.:-) Now my 7 nominees for the Kreativ Blog award. They are:

1: NJ Walters for being the first to really encourage me to write. She's also a sensational author in her own right.

2: Melisse Aires because she's a great writer with a story about to release from Red Rose.

3: Lisa Lipkind Leibow because she's an amazing person as well as a talented writer.

4: Honoria Ravena who's recent release was amazing.

5: Aimee St. Claire who had a wonderful debut novel this past December from Red Rose.

6: Amber Leigh Williams is an amazing author that I have been privileged to meet recently.

7: Alyssa Day who's Poseidon series is amazing. Plus she's a really sweet person who sent my mom a nice tote bag when she was ill.

That's everyone. If you'd like to accept the nomination than copy the picture of the award and post on your blog about 7 things no one knows about you. Then nominate 7 other blogs for the award. Don't worry, it won't bother me if you don't accept the award. Thanks again to Kaye Manro for this. It was really sweet.:-)


Melisse Aires said...

How Fun!Thanks for thinking of me!

Kat said...

You deserve it.:-)

Kaye Manro said...

Wow! I don't know how I missed this! You are on my bloglist. Maybe it's becuse that's the day my computer crashed. Ugh!

You did a great post here!

Kat said...

Thanks Kaye.:-) And thanks again for the award. I truly appreciate it.