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Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome Aline de Chevigny!

Today we have the amazing Aline de Chevigny. What's even better, it's her birthday.:-)

1: First off, happy birthday. Any plans for celebrating?

Yep, were doing the pub crawl. One pub for each year I’ve been legal to drink and we’re starting at the same spot we started at 18 years ago LOL

Should be a trip down memory lane. **grin**

2: What inspired you to first begin writing?

Living away from all my family and friends. Finding LUNA and talking to a dozen amazing writers on a daily basis, several bad storylines with Heroines that were too stupid to live. A challenge to prove I could do better and a dare to submit it. When your writing idol tells you to go for it, you really can’t say no LOL

3: What are you currently working on?

A winter story about a girl who follows some guy to the frozen North and regrets every second of the decision until she gets snowed in and the local mayor/pilot takes her in.
It’s part of the Natalia series at RRP.

And lots of edits LOL

4: What do you for fun and relaxation when not writing?

Sleep, read, shop, play Facebook’s Farmville and Country life and visit my family.

5: Which authors do you enjoy reading?

OOo that’s easy, good ones. Hehehee
Okay seriously, Mercedes Lackey, Katie MacAlister, Dean Koontz, Sean Costello, Suzanne Enoch and Lisa Kleypas to name a few.

6: What are you currently reading?

Ministry of the Environment COA’s mostly, LOL
But for fun, I have several books waiting for me to pick them up. Uhmmm, lets see if I remember them, Sean Costello’s Here After. (All his proceeds are going to charity and he a Canadian doctor from my home town)

7: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write what you know, don’t stop to edit or you’ll fall prey to the chapter 3 curse and never give up. Find yourself one person who believes in you and go to them when you’re ready to call it quits. Critique partners are great when you start out, but critique groups are better for when people start getting published. More people means someone should have time to look over your book.

8: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you most like to meet?

RDA (or for non Jack or MacGyver fans) Richard Dean Anderson. His character inspired me to become a chemist. LOL Crazy but true.

9: What would you most like people to know about you?

I’m a solitary person by nature. Big crowd make me nervous and I tend to blend into the background, unless I have a job to do and then well I’m quite uhm fearless.
I like being alone…most of the time LOL. I’d love to retire to a working farm, something small, one, a few chickens maybe a horse or two. Who knows anything is possible.

10: On March 25th, you have a new book coming out called Lifemates, part of the Wet & Wild series. What was your inspiration for writing it?

It was a part dare, part what unique animal could I make into a believable shifter. Oh and it had to be a predominantly Canadian animal, hence the Beaver Shifter was born or Castoridae to be exact. It was sort of a no brainer considering that the beaver is our provincial animal and he resides on our nickel LOL.

Lifemates: Wet and Wild Series
Benton Chaser was the black beaver of his clan. Seeing the pain and suffering his father experienced when his mother was killed. He refused to accept the laws of the clan and find his one true mate. Preferring exiles to the pain he knew was in store if he gave in and the revenge he got seducing the wives of the men who ripped his family apart.
Until he met a feisty Widow name River Maples, who gave the wild animal on her property sanctuary and greeted all men with the barrel of her shot gun. He’d tried everything he could think of to approach her and could only succeed in his were-beaver form. Yet he can’t deny the pull he feels towards her, could she be the one thing he’d been running away from for the past hundred years?

Coming Soon Lifemates: Wet and Wild Series

Excerpt :
He heard footsteps and realized he had nowhere to hide. He forced his body to shift back to his animal form knowing it would cost him later. Too many shifts in too short a time span, could be dangerous to his health. Since he had no choice he decided to have a little fun with his intruder before he left on his trip.
He set up the scene perfectly, so that when his intruder entered his little cove all they would see was him coming out of the water naked. He dove into the water and waited for his intruder to appear. He waited under the water, using his enhanced animal vision then watched as the widow entered the cove, a blanket and picnic basket over one arm and her trusty shot gun over the other.
When she started to unbutton her dress for a swim he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. She looked even more alluring and delicious without her clothing. The sexual excitement he felt at seeing her affected his control over his shifting abilities. Her shock at seeing a naked man rising out of the water matched his at the inability to control his form. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before, at least not since he’d hit puberty and had gained his hard won control over his abilities.
He had to admit that in this instance he was totally in the wrong, this was her cove after all. He’d taken advantage of the safety she provided him here, along with the fact that she never once came out here. It didn’t hurt that the trappers were well aware that she had a habit of shooting first and asking questions later when she caught them on her land.
He recovered more quickly than she did thank heavens, or he’d be a dead were now. “A million apologies good miss, I thought this cove was abandoned.” He saw the appreciation and quick flash of desire flash through her eyes when she looked him over. He’d have thought the look was imagined if a bright red blush hadn’t appeared to cover her cheeks in embarrassment at being caught looking.
“Are you a trapper?”
Of all the questions for her to ask him, he never expected that one. “Why no miss, I was merely traveling through on my way to…” She cut him off mid sentence, pulling a grin from his lips.
“It’s Mrs, and I don’t allow hunting on my lands either!”
His respect for her rose another notch, even half naked she stood her ground against him. “Is fishing allowed?” His grin returned when he saw her start of surprise.
“Why yes it is…” She looked at him with confusion evident in her eyes. “I would never go against the word of such a beautiful woman as yourself, especially when she has a gun so close at hand.” Her blush deepened, but the shotgun never wavered. Good girl. Make me earn your trust.
If you'd like to know more about Aline and her writing, visit her website. Again Aline, thank you for being here and Happy Birthday to you.


J.A. Saare said...

Happy Birthday Aline, and great interview!

I'm not too fond of large crowds either. I prefer to be at home in my element. ;-)

Wishing you much success on your upcoming release!


Kat said...

Yeah I can relate with that as well. I definitely don't like crowds. I never do Christmas shopping on Black Friday or on weekends during the holiday rush.

Kaye Manro said...

Happy Birthday Aline! What a good interview! Good luck with Wet and Wild and congrats on the release of the first one!

Aline de Chevigny said...

thanks everyone, it was a quiet birthday.