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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fury Of Nature

They had no word for volcano back. To them, Vesuvius was just a beautiful backdrop to a land lush and fertile. But such fertile soil comes with a terrible price. Though looking at the mountain while it sleeps, you can understand why no one suspected the danger that boiled beneath the surface.

The day started like any other with people milling about the markets attending their business. It was just another hot summer day.

But come lunchtime that all changes as Vesuvius roars to life.

Now is the time to make decisions, to stay or flee. Many will choose to stay not recognizing the peril they are in.

Roofs weren't build to withstand more than rain. Pebbles build up and roofs collapse.

People flee to find refuge anywhere they can with stronger supports like this bathhouse. But it will only keep them safe for so long.

Those in the streets and heading for the bay don't even have as long as those who have sought shelter.

But for Daria and Acteon, all they can do is hold each other as the storm heads right for them.

Do you think the people of Pompeii knew they were going to die? I'd say based on their death casts they knew. And they didn't die quickly or without terrible suffering.

HER LAST DAY, co-written by mother L.J. Holmes and daughter Kat Holmes is coming in October from Muse It Up Publishing. The mountain is waking.


Patti P said...

Having visited Pompeii on vacation I am looking forward to reading this book. It was one of my favorite places to walk. The energy there and just imagining what that day must have felt like was incredible.
Thank you.
musicalfrog at comcast.net

Kat Holmes said...

Both my mother and I loved writing this. We're running a contest and giving away 2 copies of the book if you want to try. The details are in the posting below this one.:-)

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