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Saturday, September 29, 2012

In To The Past!

Do you believe in past lives? That we have lived before and will again? I do. When I was a child, before I ever spoke English, my mother will tell you I spoke fluent German. My grandfather immigrated to the United States from Poland, but he was a social climber and refused to ever allow his native language or his culture to be spoken anywhere. So I didn't learn German from my family. Yet I spoke it and to this day I still say certain phrases in German rather than English.

I also have very vivid memories of the Nazi death camps and know I died in one. So I firmly believe in reincarnation. They also say if a certain period in history draws your interest to the point you have to know everything about it, you probably lived in that time.

For me, the historical points that hold my interest besides the Holocaust are many. I have always loved learning about the Scottish Clan wars, ancient Greece, the Gothic histories of Romania and Bulgaria, and the history and culture of Nepal.

My mother is drawn to the American Revolution, medieval Russia, the Mary Queen of Scots period of Scotland, & the Anasazi period of American history. She is also completely in love with the time period of Vesuvius's eruption in Pompeii.

It is because of her love for that time period that I decided we should write a story about Pompeii. Her Last Day, our first co-authored tale releasing in October from Muse It Up Publishing is the result. It follows a Roman noblewoman named Daria through the events of August 24th 79 AD.

Those are the times that matter to us historically. What time periods catch your eye?

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Lin said...

It was very bizarre having my child open her sweet lips and speak in a language I could not decipher and with a fluency belied by her baby brain.

It took recording her spiels and carting same to the local professor of German at our Community College for the interpration to hit me harder than a wrecking ball smashes into a building scheduled for destruction.

How does one raise a daughter with such vivid memories of such atrocities? All I oculd do was hold, love her, and comfort her when the memories tore her current soul to bits.

I am so proud of the woman she's become and bless my lucky stars she chose me to be her mom this time around.