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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Did Someone Leave The Oven On?

If, like me, you live on the east coast, then you know saying it's hot is an understatement. It's not hot, it's sizzling. I live in New Jersey, and even on the beach the temperatures have gotten over a hundred degrees the past couple days. Even though I am staying inside with the air conditioning on it still gets so hot you can't breathe. And when I do go outside to get the mail, it feels like a sledgehammer is hitting you in the chest. In the 2 minutes it takes to get the mail I am literally dripping with sweat.

The actual temps are bad enough. We got to 102 degrees yesterday and are expecting to make it there today as well. But this oppressive humidity on top of it makes it worse. Yesterday, the heat index reached 111 degrees in the shade. Today they are saying about 107 degrees. Hot doesn't begin to describe it. It's so humid outside that at 6 am this morning, even though it was only 82 degrees at the time, the sky was so hazy you couldn't see anything clearly after about a quarter mile. It's almost as bad as fog.

The ONLY good news is this awful heat and humidity is supposed to break tonight. We are supposed to have really bad thunderstorms and then bye bye heatwave. Tomorrow, the temp is only supposed to go up to 81 degrees with very low humidity. But, that still means we have to get through today. The thunderstorms that will cool us off finally won't hit until after sunset, so we have all day with the sun high and baking to get through. In case I never mentioned it, I HATE summer. But take heart people. Today is the last day for this oppressive heat.

In the meantime, be sure to check on the elderly and the very young as this weather is worse for them than even for us. And if it at all possible, stay inside today in the AC. If you have to go out, take lots of water with you and I strongly suggest wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella to keep the direct sunlight off your skin. Stay cool people.

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