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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mutants Unleashed!

The third movie in the X-Men saga is about to be released on DVD. On October 03, 2006 X-Men The Last Stand will be available for purchase. It's already available for pre-order on Amazon. I am so dying to see this movie. I am a total X-men fanatic. It's my most favorite comic ever. It is the darkest of all three films and literally everything hangs in the balance. There is no guarantee the X-Men will succeed.

The government has come up with a cure for mutation. Magneto, angered over the idea pulls together an army of mutants and go to war. Joining his army is a newly resurrected Jean Grey. But Jean isn't the same loving Jean she once was. Overwhelmed by her powers, the greatest villian to ever grace the world emerges. Jean is now the Dark Phoenix, and even Magneto with all his power can't stop her.

Also, Rogue finds out that her boyfriend is dropping her for another girl and fellow student, Kitty Pryde. Bobby, A.K.A. Iceman is tired of not being able to touch Rogue at all without risking going comatose. So Rogue seriously considers the cure. Does she take it? You'll have to watch the movie. Even the director wasn't sure whether he was gonna cure her or not so he filmed both outcomes. Rogue not taking the cure and Rogue getting the cure. Both scenes will be included with the DVD.

Storm has a bigger role in this film and we get to see her fly. Wolverine is forced into a position of leadership for the X-Men, a spot he never wanted. But because Cyclops is still mourning Jean and so is Xavier, it's up to Wolverine to keep the team from falling apart. Kelsey Grammer plays new character Beast. Other new characters include Angel, Callisto, Juggernaut, and Shadowcat. Even though Kitty has been in the other movies, it was just as a background character with almost no part in the story. She has a big part in X3. She's a love rival for Rogue, has a big action scene in the Danger room, and gets chased by Juggernaut.

I definately intend to buy this movie. I have the first 2 and can't wait for this. I didn't go to see it in theaters because I was sick at the time, so it will be a totally new movie for me when it comes out. Dark Phoenix was my favorite character in the comics so I can't wait to see the movie version. I hear Famke Janssen, who plays Jean grey did a great job by the character. It's said she not only showed just how evil Dark Phoenix could be, but the complete and total desperation of Jean in those few moments that she is actually in control.

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