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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Upcoming Reunion Book!

Dark Celebration, a Carpathian reunion novel by Christine Feehan is about to be released. I can not begin to tell you how much I have been waiting for this one. I LOVE the Carpathian series. I absolutely love it. But, if you are expecting this to be a story filled with humor and white hot sex, yes it has that. But this book also contains tradgedy. Some of our favorite characters are going to die. Though I haven't read the book yet, I have seen the reviews and they say that by the end of the first chapter you will be in tears.

Here is a brief synopsis of what Dark Celebration is about. Raven, the lifemate of the Carpathian Prince, has decided to gather all the Carpathians together for a feast to celebrate the holidays. With all Carpathians gathering, this is too good an opportunity for the vampires to gather and kill them off. Now instead of going after the warriors whom have proven too difficult to kill, the vampires decide to go after the ones who give them hope and light, their women and children. After all, if they kill the lifemates, the warriors won't be able to exist without them. They will either choose to die as well, or turn vampire.

But there is some cause for hope. A cure has finally been found for why their women keep miscarrying and for why their children often die within the first year of life. But Dark Celebration definately carries a dark, edgy feel to it as it begs the question, what price are you willing pay to for love? Dark Celebration also more closely follows the characters of Skyler and Dimitri. If you have read the Carpathian novels, then you know who Skyler is, and although we haven't before met Dimitri, we have been told about him. As you may know, Skyler is human, adopted by two powerful Carpathians. Skyler's mother died when she was young and her real father abused her terribly and sold her out to men for drug money. But Skyler is psychic and thus possesses the potential to be a lifemate to a Carpathian male.

Skyler is still too young, and a bit too scarred to be claimed as a lifemate, but Dimitri is on the verge of turning. This will force some hard choices on both Skyler and Dimitri. Claim her before she is 18 and risk the wrath of the Prince and Skyler's guardians for breaking the rules, or risk turning vampire by not claiming her. It also brings us back to the days when women wed a lot younger than they do now. This book also focuses on the fact that because Skyler is human, she makes the perfect target for the vampires to kill. After all, how easy wound it be to bump off a human female rather than a Carpathian female? And it begs the question, who would be willing to die to protect her?

But, as I said, this is a reunion novel so all of our favorites will be back. And, Christine introduces some new characters who will most likely be getting their own stories later down the road. Christine Feehan has the full trailer up on her website for this book. Go to www.christinefeehan.com/ if you'd like to see it. And make sure you read about the making of the trailer written by the head of the company that filmed it, Circle Of Seven Productions. If you want to visit the website that made the book trailer, go to www.cosproductions.com/ and check em out. If you want to read Dark Celebration, it comes out September 05, 2006 and is available for pre-order. I know I can't wait.

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