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Thursday, February 14, 2008

And The Next!

As promised, today's entry is gonna cover the sequel to yesterday's book. Today's is Real Vampires Live Large by Gerry Bartlett and is the continuation of Glory's life. Here's what the back cover says:

You think it's easy to keep a boyfriend, run a business, and survive for centuries as one of the immortal undead? Just try it sometime, sweetheart...

It was hard enough when a sexy Scottish vamp bit me while I was feeling a bit...bloated, leaving me eternally retaining, if you get my drift. But when a frustrated vampire hunter firebombs my vintage clothing boutique, I'm ready to pitch a fit. Then my long-time, sometime lover takes off in a rage to hunt the hunter and prove himself worthy of me or something manly like that. And now things are really getting out of hand.

The Energy Vampires want me - and not in a good way. They're paranormal drug dealers, selling thrills to those who've lived for ages, been everywhere, and done everything...and they want to suck me dry. But it'll take more than a few super-suckers to get the goods out of this girl. And if they want to make things personal, I'm going to make things downright painful.

Glory really comes into her own in this one. Because her boyfriend is off playing hero after her shop is firebombed, and her bodyguards are taken out, Glory must finally start to rely on her own vampire abilities, abilities that even with all her centuries of living, she has been afraid to use. I can not wait for the next one in this series. I love Glory and these books are hilarious.

I just want to make a quick note here. I will not be posting the next book tomorrow. I have to go to the dentist. At my last appointment, he found a problem that I am having fixed tomorrow so I won't be up to posting. I'll be back on Saturday. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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