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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Next Book and an Apology!

I am sorry. I know I promised I would do the next book yesterday but I was very sick after my dentist appointment. The problem was a bit more than either he or I thought and unfortunately, I spent Friday night hugging my toilet. I spent all of Saturday sleeping. Don't you just hate dental problems? They can never go easy.

But, on to the next book. The next book I want to talk about is not about vampires. Surprise.:-) The next book also isn't a hardcopy book so I can't read the back cover to you. It's an e-book I purchased from Ellora's Cave and is the third installment of NJ Walters Tapestry series called Woven Dreams. While the first two books have been released in book form in a book called Tapestry Dreams, the e-book Woven Dreams is too new to be released that way.

I LOVE this series. I can't gush enough about how much I enjoy these stories. Woven Dreams is about the two younger Bakra brothers. The older brothers can be found in the book Tapestry Dreams under the title of the Bakra Bride. Woven Dreams is about Jarmon and Garrick Bakra. After nearly being killed by his family's mortal enemies in The Bakra Bride, Jarmon is left strong but disfigured. His twin, Garrick, is still handsome and appealing, but since the law states that they must share a wife, they figure they don't stand a chance of having a woman choose them.

Genita is herself disfigured. The victim of violence, she is on the run and runs into the arms of the Bakra brothers. While it seems like she can accept and care about both brothers, she is hiding her own secrets, secrets that may bring war to the Bakra lands. If Jarmon and Garrick want to keep her as their own, they will need to find out her secrets before it is too late for all of them.

This series rocks. I can't get enough. The fourth story in this series has been contracted for and will probably be released later this year. But I really loved Woven Dreams. You can't help but cheer for these three. Each has been through so much and you just want to see them get the joy they so richly deserve. NJ Walters has become one of my alltime favorite authors. I truly love her stories. If you'd like to know more about her Tapestry series or any of her other works, click on my links section.


N.J.Walters said...

Thank you so much for the huge compliements, Kathy.

I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the Tapestries series, and Woven Dreams, in particular. This book was a labor of love. I'm a sucker for the wounded hero, and Jarmon fits the bill perfectly, although his brother is pretty special too.

I'm crossing my fingers that Threads of Destiny might be out late this year, but at this point, I have no release date. I will, however, keep you posted. :-)


Kathy said...

Your Tapestry series is amazing and I'll get the next one as soon as it is out. This series is my favorite. I have re-read all three so many times. In fact I need to buy a new copy of Tapestry Dreams because it is being worn out.:-)