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Friday, July 31, 2009

Book Of The Week!

This week's book is my absolute favorite of Christine Feehan's Carpathian series. Dark Melody is a wonderful story and the one Carpathian story I love best. Each time I read it the story makes me cry.

Dayan is a member of the Dark Troubadors, a Carpathian musical group. Recently, the rest of the members of his group have found their lifemates. Dayan alone is without color and emotion. These only come back to Carpathian males when they meet their lifemates. Needing some time to himself, he goes on the road. But music is his one passion, the only sensation he has left as darkness creeps into his soul. Unable to resist, he enters a bar and heads up on stage to play his music.

Corrinne is a human with telekinetic abilities. Widowed when her husband was murdered, she is on the run from the killers who took out her husband. But time is running out for Corrinne from more than one direction. Pregnant and desperate to bring her child into the world, neither the murderers, nor her own failing heart may let her.

Dayan must call on all his own immense powers and the combined strength of all Carpathians to save his lifemate from killers, vampires, and her own failing health. Because for Dayan, now that he's found the woman who has brought feeling and color back into world, he won't let even death seperate them.

Dark Melody by Christine Feehan is this week's Book of the Week. I cannot express just how much I love this story. I love the entire Carpathian series, but Dark Melody is my abiding favorite. Have a great weekend everyone.

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