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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

As promised the Goddess of the Written Word segment is back and July goes to Alyssa Day! Alyssa Day writes the Warriors of Poseidon series and it rocks. Justice's story was just released last month and it was amazing. It was supposed to be released last year but Alyssa was in a car accident and didn't finish the book. But, to make up for the very long gap between books, three are being released one after the other. June was Justice's story that we have been waiting over a year for. This month, July will be Alexios' story. Alexios was tortured and scarred by the vampire Goddess Anubisa and opening his heart is not something he does with ease. And next month, August we will get Brennan's story. Brennan was cursed long ago by a God to not feel emotion.

Alyssa Day's Warriors of Poseidon series is spectacular and I highly encourage you to read them. If you wish to read them in order, book one which deals with the Atlantean Prince Conlan is called Atlantis Rising. Thus far Conlan's story, Bastien's story, Ven's story, and Justice's story have been released. Bastien's sister's story is part of the anthology Shifter and takes place after Ven's story and before Justice. Alexios story will be released this month and Brennan is next month.

Alyssa Day is July's Goddess of the Written Word and she totally deserves to be. Congratulations to her and I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend. Have a wonderful Independence Day everyone.

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