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Monday, March 15, 2010

Couple Of Announcements!

First up, later today after I have had a chance to get some sleep, the interview with M.S. Spencer WILL go up as planned. All of March's interviews, other than Eve Summers who's interview was unfortunately scheduled for the day I went into the hospital, will go on as planned. But April is currently being completely re-organized and I'll have a new schedule posted later. Eve Summers has been re-scheduled for April as well.

Next up and I'm thrilled about this, Thursday is coming up fast. Just 3 more days until my debut novel, Voice In The Night releases from Red Rose! Woohoo! And to celebrate, on my release day of the 18th, my awesome and wonderful editor Carrie RO is going to be guest blogging. I'm really looking forward to having her and was so thrilled that she agreed to do this. She'll have lots of advice about writing, getting ready to submit and what publishers are looking for. Plus Carrie is a very funny woman and she'll make you crack up.:-)

So that's the latest here. Check back later today for when my fellow RRP author M.S. Spencer is here. You won't want to miss it. And don't forget, my contest to win a free copy of Voice In The Night is still going on at my website, Kat's Corner. You have until tomorrow to get your entries in before I choose a winner. Have fun everyone.


N.J.Walters said...

Only three more days!

Kat said...

Yeah I know.:-) And thanks for the well-wishes NJ. I just got back from the doctor. It's slow but I'm healing. I just can't sit too long at the computer right now. It's annoying.