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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kaye Manro's Blog and True Blood Season 3!

I'm over at Kaye Manro's blog today talking about writing erotic romance. What I have to say just might surprise you so come visit me there.

And, as any regulars of my blog know I am a True Blood fanatic. I absolutely love the show. Of course, I have read all the books and like most people who have, I am definitely on Team Eric! And Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric in the show is delicious.

I found this great fanvid on Youtube. It's really neat and shows the tumultuous relationship between Sookie and Eric as of season 2. It's set to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga which is highly appropriate at this point in the story.

Season 2 of True Blood comes out on DVD May 25th and season 3 begins June 19th. I can hardly wait for more Eric.:-)


Angela Kay Austin said...

Kaye, I think I'm the only person who's just not fascinated with the show. I liked the books sooo much better. I absolutely do not like Eric. I prefer Bill, but no one likes him :-(

Kat said...

LOL Angela, I love the books and have read them all. And I think we all hate Bill is because of book 6 when we found out what he'd been up to all along. I've been an Eric fan ever since book four when we finally get to see the really soft and vulnerable side of him. I can't wait for season four of True Blood when they'll be doing book 4. Gotta get through season 3/book 3 first. Oh well it'll be interesting to get the werewolves heavily involved and that psycho chit Debbie Pelt.:-)