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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Tomorrow's the day! My very first book ever will be released. I'm so excited! I can't believe my release date is finally here. Woohoo! Voice In The Night releases from Red Rose. I have been eagerly anticipating this ever since I first got my release date back in December. Just one more teeny tiny day to get through.

I again have to thank my dear friend, N.J. Walters for her encouragement. I truly owe this to her giving me a kick in the backside to try submitting my writing.:-) Thank you so much. I also want to thank my Mom who helped me get this story ready to submit, to Wendi who took a chance on an unknown writer, Emmy for her amazing cover, Ansley and Zena for their great work editing and a zillion other people. Thus ends my Oscar speech. LOL.

I can't believe it's only a day away until my book comes out. Wow! And don't forget, to celebrate the release, my wonderful editor, Carrie RO will be guest blogging here tomorrow with tons of tips for writers and aspiring writers. Carrie is an angel and I think you'll like her. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. See you tomorrow!:-)


Kaye Manro said...

I can't wait! Good Luck, Kat!!

Kat said...

Thank you so much Kaye. I'm so excited and so nervous too.:-)

N.J.Walters said...

Enjoy tomorrow, Kat. It's a very special day and you worked hard for it.


Kat said...

Thanks NJ. I can hardly wait.

Lin said...

My Darling Daughter,

Too often we get busy with the day-to-day ins and outs of our lives and forget to take a moment or two to reflect on and or acknowledge the seemingly small, but far more important things in life. The same can be said for the really HUGE events that we know are coming but because of life's mundane things, sneaks up on you until they are right on top of you. Today is such a moment.

I know I have told you since the very beginning, how extremely proud I am of you. Today, the first of what I know will be MANY of your novelettes, novellas, novels, is officially FOR SALE.

Kat, my beloved daughter, have you any idea how MONUMENTAL your success is? There are hoards of potential authors out there who have been writing for decades that never have had their works see the light of day. We know, from reading the bios of many of our favorite authors, that a lot of them spent YEARS submitting their manuscripts, and indeed to this day, have filing cabinets FILLED with their rejected offerings before they finally got their words accepted by the intensely competitive Publishing World.

You, My Darling, accomplished in less that half a year the AMAZING and today is the culmination of the World's acknowledgment of your incredible talents. Your first story is now AVAILABLE for any and all to read...and it is JUST the first.

In the past two weeks, you have done several blog-talk radio visits and I have been fortunate enough to be here to listen to the sound of your glee-filled voice responding to the questions and comments from the audience and hosts. As your Mom, I cannot begin to tell you what it does for me to hear such joy in your voice and see your eyes twinkling with anticipation and appreciation. As one who has been lucky enough to read your creative spin long before the rest of the world gets such an honor, I am awed by your skills.

Sometimes, I will admit, it is not always comfortable reading the tales your active mind creates, but that does not diminish the intricacy you employ in weaving tales of incredible events. That they make me uncomfortable is a testament to your ability to weave words that bring the events so vividly to life.

In a way I find myself envying the world today, because they are about to meet the talented writer that is KAT HOLMES for the first time. They have no idea the pleasure they are about to experience, nor are they aware that your writing will grab them and make their worlds a richer, more visually enchanting place to live. I envy them, yet I am also decidedly glad that I have been allowed to walk through your creative world all along and am eagerly awaiting the next tale to emanate from your amazing talent.

I love you, Kathryn Elizabeth and am so swelled with pride in the woman, despite all the challenges you have had to contend with since the moment of your unconventional birth, that you have evolved into.

Enjoy the rightful accolades that I know will come your way, Daughter-of-Mine. You deserve every one of them and so many more.

I know you are worried that the content is...intense...and what people will think of you...but Darling daughter, Robert B. Parker, one of my favorite authors of crime and murder stories, just died, and although he wrote about the worst elements of society, he was not someone who committed the deeds he wrote about. You, my beautiful daughter, are a writing treasure trove who can create worlds and people that are as alien from the person and world your live in THAT it makes your accomplishments all the more wondrous in the telling.

For the rest of you, Kat's first e-book entitled VOICE IN THE NIGHT is now available for purchase at Red Rose Publishing's website, please tell your colleagues and friends.

Love To You, and immense pride too,
Just Me

Kaye Manro said...

Well I hope your release day turned out to be a great day for you Kat! And I'll say it again, Congrats and Good luck!