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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Geez! What is is with you freaking modern Highbrows? Everything you all have been

yakking about is

Dite, but hey, I am not some

pet goat she keeps on a leash to entertain you all when you decide to maybe look my way.

I am a SATYR. Bet most of you haven't a clue what that means...but let me enlighten you...there are plenty of pictures all over the world of me, yep me in my many guises of half man half goat, doing the down and dirty with

HER, APHRO-freaking-DITE-ness, goddess of love and lots of other


What does that say about me? It says I may look like

a garbage eater, but I am

sexxxxyyy! If I weren't do you really think there would be

ANY pictures, let alone any HISTORY of me, the

Goatman, gettting all "kid-ding" aside, anywhere near

Dite's silky thighs?

I have hooves, it's true, but think about what my hard, silky smooth hooves can do in the way of uhmmm I think you moderns call it

"foreplay". Man when I decide to rub some life into

Dite's little sex button, she catapults us all the way up to Olympus. I'd like to say that is a GOOD thing...on one level it is. It tells one an all that I am a wild

sex machine, but landing before Daddy Zeus with my hoof planted between his

Goddess on a Half shell's inner region sometimes causes

Daddy to unleash a lightning bolt or two, uncontrollably.

Given how loose Daddy is about his own excursions into the

hot and bothered I don't get that...but I am here to talk about me, NOT Zeus. He can talk about himself, and believe me, he does! Frequently.

Back to me. I'm down here with Dite helping her fulfill her committment to work and support Zeus' lazy but demanding ass, but

I'm not getting any. Is it something in your

 air that has made me appear less of the

stud than I am?

It can't be anything else. Dite and I have

HISTORY and our history is


HEAVY. Not even a

goddess stops going for the HOT AND

HEAVY no matter how many millenium you've been doing that HOT AND HEAVY together.

So what is it about Earth that is keeping her from availing herself of my


And now you

Kat Holmes and your horrible blogging

mother have been praising

Dite's beauty, her connections, and well, her

new job here on your plebian world, but not a WORD about


This has to stop...so I am here to share the proof

and then see if you can deny my importance when you release your report on

Dite's earthly business.

Working Under Covers by Kat Holmes; what


I am

a satyr and I am Dite's main

"ANIMAL" Don't you forget it. I expect you will make the appropriate

alterations to your report, now that you have

the proof!

And BEFORE your June release from MUSE IT HOT PUBLISHING.

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