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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Check Out the current Releases!

All these great books are now available at our bookstore.


Becoming NADIA

Book One in The NADIA Project

Author: Cyrus Keith

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 299

ISBN: 978-1-926931-54-8


“What’s one more little white lie?”

There's only one thing that pretty, popular TV reporter Nadia Velasquez is missing: her memory from before the explosion that killed everyone else in the room, including the President of Nigeria. But from the moment she meets FBI agent Jon Daniels, all hell breaks loose. Friends turn into deadly enemies overnight, and no one can be truly trusted.

When Jon and Nadia investigate further, they discover the living terror that is the truth behind Nadia's existence, a truth that could mean the death of millions.


part of the Seraphym Wars series

Author: Rebecca Ryals Russell

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Sci-fi

Pages: 272

ISBN: 978-1-926931-60-9


Myrna Ashlin Watts graduated from High School in Jacksonville, Fl just in time to find herself transported to a bizarre and primal planet corrupted by demon-dragons. And they want her DEAD. Her problem is she has been recruited to kill them, too.

18-year-old Myrna is drawn into the middle of an epic battle between Seraphym and Demons. An average High School student from Florida, struggling with inner demons resulting from a rape two years earlier, she wakes one morning on the Steampunk planet of Dracwald, home of the demon-dragons responsible for her brother’s recent murder as well as many other atrocities in the news. She meets Michael, who becomes her guide and explains that according to prophecy, Myrna must gather the remaining six Vigorios (teen warriors with special talents) then train with the Majikals on an enchanted island.

Reluctantly, and knowing it is her only way to get back home, she agrees to lead, battling dragons and monsters while crossing swamps and mountains, forests and seas. She wrangles with the old inner demons when three very different men join her quest—a seasoned demon/dragon-slayer who irritates but beguiles her, a tender and sweet mentor in whom she trusts completely and a roguishly handsome Scientist who sets her senses aflame. How is she expected to lead the others and keep everyone safe with so much inner turmoil?

Will love and lust, jealousy, greed, deceit and distrust break the delicate tie that binds these teen warriors called The Vigorios? Can a troupe of teens help the Seraphym finally defeat the massive empire of evil dominated for eons by the demon-dragons of Dracwald?

The Chameleon's Bite

Author: Erika Gilbert

Genre: Humorous Urban Fantasy

Pages: 202

ISBN: 978-1-926931-48-7


A part Greek goddess with an indestructible sword is hunted by a deadly Chameleon. Her biggest challenge, however, might just be the man she loves: the Dark Elf assassin sent to kill her.

Primordial Sun, Heart of the Amazon

Author: Karen McGrath

Genre: Paranormal Romance Mystery

Pages: 187

ISBN: 978-1-926931-62-3


Kylie Watson is a lawyer in Boston, MA, whose emotional life is in disarray. She’s entirely too dependent on her childhood pals. Her surrogate siblings step into protector roles for her when her universe is rocked by her missionary parent’s deaths in a plane crash in the Amazon - sending Kylie on a quest for personal freedom in her season of mourning.

In the midst of her loss and grief, someone is stalking her and leaving a trail of clues in their wake. Kylie is driven by chronic nightmares that begin the night of the accident.

Traveling to the world she left behind as a teen, Kylie runs to Brazil to be close to the last place her parents lived. From the historic town of Boston to the fish markets in Manaus to the tropics in the Amazon, she discovers family secrets, church corruption and international espionage.

As Kylie navigates the waters of Brazil and the streams of her heart, she encounters the three loves of her life; one whose presence makes everything right but seems just out of reach, one whose money and power can keep her but repulses her at times, and one whose fiery passion forces her to face reality and scares her to death.

Which man will pursue her and why? Were her parents murdered? If so, by whom? What was their connection to the new tribe translations that is strangely forbidden by the Missionary Alliance Board? What is it that Kylie really wants?

When all is said and done, worlds collide and produce a new reality for Kylie.

Nothing is what it seems.

Do you want the truth or something you can live with?

Primordial Sun, The Heart of the Amazon


Book One in the Artica Lights series

Author: Kat Holmes

Genre: Paranormal Romance Erotica

Pages: 64

ISBN: 978-1-926931-46-3


Brent Larkin came to Antarctica to study penguins. He didn’t come looking for either adventure or romance. But when a freak storm blows in and he loses his way, that’s exactly what he gets. Attacked by some bobbing lights, he suddenly finds himself in a wintry forest surrounded by men with swords pointed at him. The next thing he knows he’s in a dungeon and chained to the wall.

Awni is the queen of Artica, a land of eternal winter. The daughter of a god, Awni’s cursed to never know the touch of another. Her icy skin is death for anyone who dares to touch her flesh. But, when a mysterious stranger shows up in her lands, she finds herself drawn to him. Eager to learn about his world, she invites him to spend time with her only to be shocked when he touches her and doesn’t freeze to death.

But Artica is a land ruled by tradition. Though she longs to keep Brent with her, the laws of the land force her to send him home. But without him, both she and the land begin to suffer. Now, Awni is facing the same peril as one of her ancestors. And if she perishes like her ancestor did, all of Artica will pay the price. Can Brent, returned to his own world, somehow find his way back and save her before all is lost?

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