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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Muse It Up Is Having Open Submissions Call

Now's a great time to get your spicy books. MuseItHot Publishing is having an open call for submissions. Check out the details:

MuseItUp Publishing is seeking romance erotica for our Short ‘N Spicey line up for 2012. Stories can be anywhere between 3000 – 20,000 words. Please send your full ms with a short synopsis as attachments to sub.musepub@gmail.com with Short ‘N Spicey on the subject heading. Stories can be in any genre but must include a romantic theme. Can be F/M, F/F, M/M.

Please include in your submission which of the three heat levels your story falls under:

Naughty but Nice: some graphic language and scenes

Naughty with a tinge of sizzle: might include some fantasy, spanking, toys, and f/f, m/m, with several love scenes

Sizzling HOT!: explicit love scenes and language, multiple partners, same sex relationships, toys…elements that are heavier than the above heat levels.

We're also seeking Christmas stories for our 2012 publication in both our mainstream and erotica divisions.

Thank you

Lea Schizas


MuseItUp Publishing

Here are the submission guidelines:


Thank you for your interest in MuseItUp Publishing.

Our submissions are now open.

MuseItUp Publishing opened its door to writers March 2010. We follow the motto: Building the team to achieve the dream! which simply means gathering writers who understand that a 'family' of writers in a house can achieve a goal when they work together.

We welcome new and seasoned writers to send us their manuscripts. Simultaneous submissions will be accepted provided it is clearly stated in your cover letter that another publisher is considering your work. Our authors do not pay a fee to e-publish their books with us. We provide editing and cover art for all our books, and assign the ISBN to your work.

We are open to the following genres:

Romance - everything from: romantic comedy, contemporary romance, fantasy romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, western romance, sweet romance, sci-fi romance, time travel romance

Paranormal - Fantasy - we love vampires, ghosts, witches, werewolves and shape shifters...and dragons

Mystery - Suspense -Thriller - captivate us with the pacing of your novel. Hint: we love cozy mysteries

Young Adult - we're big fans of the Potter & Twilight series but seeking a unique voice for this target group

MuseItYoung – this division is for our tween crossover chapter books for 10 – 14 year olds

Horror & Dark Fiction - scare the living daylights out of us with your settings, dialogue, and characters - not with blood and gore and missing human parts. Use the power of your writer's voice to draw images that will leave readers sitting at the edge of their seats.

Science Fiction - do you have a fantasy/romance/paranormal/etc. set in another planet? Fleshed out your otherly world? Then give us a shout.

MuseItHOT imprint

Erotica submissions are open as well for our MuseItHOT! imprint. MuseItHOT Publishing is actively seeking erotic romance, whether naughty but nice, naughty and sizzling, or naughty and sizzling HOT, for publication as of January 2012. We would like to see well-developed stories and characters we can easily connect with. We’ll acquire erotic romance in all subgenres: Contemporary, suspense, paranormal, fantasy, historical, f/f, m/m, ménage (with people please, no animals!!) We accept stories from 3000 words and up, but prefer novella lengths ranging from 15000 to 25000 words.

The sexual relationship should enhance the storyline and character development, contributing to the forward motion of the plot.

We're seeking quality work, not first drafts, ranging from 3,000 words minimum to novel length. We are currently NOT seeking: short story collections or anthologies, Poetry, nonfiction, or stories written by more than two authors.

We are an e-publishing house with the aim of publishing e-books first and print books to follow an e-book release within a year (only novel length books of 45,000 and more will be considered for print.) If print is not published within a year of the e-book release, print rights are reverted back to the author and the e-book rights are still maintained until the duration of the contract.

Although we are open to all genres as stated in our guidelines above, we are actively seeking the following for MuseItUp and MuseItHOT:

young adult romance (for mainstream)

vampires and other undead creatures

cozy mysteries


tween chapter books (for boys especially)


On the subject heading place Sub: title of your work. Within the body of your email include the following in your cover letter:

your real name

your pseudonym, if any

email address along with your website link if any

title of your work and if this is part of a series


word count

brief author bio

cover letter introducing yourself, and your work

Please attach the following with your cover letter introduction, making sure your manuscript includes your name, pseudonym, title, snail mail address word count, genre, and email address on the left hand side of the opening page:

your full manuscript in RTF or DOC (not docx),

and a brief synopsis in RTF or DOC (chapter by chapter is not necessary)

Name the file: TITLE_YourName - ex. SHIMMERING_JaneSmith

All our submissions are electronically based. We do not accept snail mail submissions. We're in tune with the times and also prefer to save you a few bucks. We will confirm receipt of manuscript and get back to you within 3 - 8 weeks.


any work depicting forced rape

abuse of children or any sexual tone with minors under the age of eighteen


partially or incomplete and unedited manuscripts




anything that includes bodily fluid (solids included)


Please use Times New Roman regular, font 12 pt

Use four * with a space in-between each like this: * * * * to indicate scene break - not ************************

Chapter headings in 14pt bold or use Heading 2

No page numbers

manuscripts should be 1.5 spaced

one inch margins all around

no headers or footers

do not underline but use italics for inner thoughts - ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSCORES!

all telepathic communication must contain quotation marks and italicized (quotation marks italicized too)

send to sub.musepub AT gmail DOT com addressed to Acquisition Editors

Royalty and Contracts

Our books are published in digital format, and we pay a royalty of 40% of the download price from our bookstore. Consideration for print are for books 45,000 words and more only, which will receive a royalty of 20% net. Our contract is for three years.

Word Count & Pricing of our E-books

Short Stories

3,000 -4,000 = 0.99cents

4,001 - 5,000 words = $1.99

5,001 - 15,000 = $2.50


15,001 - 25,000 = $3.50

25,001 - 35,000 = $4.50


35,001 – 60,000 = $5.50

60,001 – AND UP = $5.95

Thank you for your interest in MuseItUp Publishing.

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