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Kat's Blog

Friday, November 25, 2005

I love kitties. Nothing in this world is as wonderful to me as my kitties. Well except for my Mom who's my best friend. Anyways, I have two absolutely adorable kitties. Both female. The oldest is Pudge and I call her that because she's a cute little pudge. She sleeps with me at night between my legs. It's so sweet.

The youngest cat is Spatz. I call her that because she's black with pink spots all over. She's a tortie. But she looks like a someone picked up a paintbrush and just went thwap with it. Spatz is aslo the more adventurous of the two cats. Oh the mischief she gets into. She's caused me to go gray early. But she is so sweet and lovable that she never gets into trouble.

I live in an apartment so cats are the best pets to have. Dogs don't really do well in apartments. Plus both my mother and I are disabled so it's best not to have pets who have to be walked. I also have a dread fear of dogs. I was bitten as a child in the eye and have feared dogs ever since. But I love love love my kitties. The each have their own cute but slightly twisted personality quirks.

Pudge for some unknown reason likes to sit on the toilet after you flush it and watch the water go down the hole. Spatz on the other hand likes to drink my water. I'll get a full glass of water and she will come trotting up and stick her face in and start slurping away. She drinks about a quarter of the cup. Now I know what you're thinking but cat's mouths are cleaner than ours and I never drink first. I let her have at it and when she's done I'll drink.

Those two kitties are what keeps me young and helps me deal with the many physical problems that both my mom and I have. If you want to smile a lot I highly suggest getting a kitty cat.:-)

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