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Sunday, November 27, 2005

My favorite music:

Music is the soul of life if you ask me. There is nothing in this world that can touch you and actually affect how you live and feel like music. Whether you like a specific style of music or are like me and are eclectic in your musical leanings, music is what makes the world go round. Here's a brief list of some of my favorite singers and composers.

1: Loreena McKennit. This woman has a voice that just radiates. I love everything she has done. She does mostly Celtic music with a mix of a few other cultures. She has a Christmas album out too filled with medeivil christmas songs called "To Drive The Cold Winter Away".

2: Enya. Another Celtic singer with a to die for voice. She also does the theme song for the first Lord Of The Rings movie, The Fellowship Of The Ring.

3: Faith Hill. She is an awesome country singer who is popular mainstream as well. My most favorite of her songs is "Cry". She has such a dynamite voice.

4: Tim McGraw. This is Faith Hill's husband and he is an awesome country singer in his own right. His hit song "Live Like You Were Dying" was all about his father, Tug McGraw who died of brain cancer. It's a very powerful song.

5: The Dixie Chicks. This country group has taken a lot of flack because of their opinions of the war in Iraq in the early days when most people supported the war. Personally I thought it was unfair. They had just as much right to air their opinions as anyone else. That's what free speech is supposed to be about. But aside from all that they are an amazing group and their music is fantastic.

6: Norah Jones. This singer has an amazing voice. Her music can literally make you cry. She is definately one of the best talents to come into the music world in recent years.

7: Edvard Grieg. I love the music this man composed. His classical music is so powerful. If you have never heard classical music, I highly suggest starting with any of his compositions. They are all amazing.

8: Enigma. This group puts out the most beautiful and amazing songs. I first heard their music when figure skater Oksana Baiul choreagraphed a routine to a song of theirs and I have loved them ever since.

9: Les Miserables. The music from this musical is by far the BEST I have ever heard. And if you have never heard the song "Home" performed by the original Jean Valjean, Colm Wilkinson, you haven't heard anything. His rendition of the song gave me shivers it was so good.

10: Celine Dion. This woman has such an amazing voice. Her voice can literally reach into your soul and wrap itself around. Her talent is just plain spectacular.

Well, that's my top ten favorites. I have plenty more that I love but these ten are definately top of the heap.

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