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Friday, November 25, 2005

My favorite movies.

I have a lot of favorite movies. And I don't just like adult movies. A lot of the so-called kiddie movies are actually really great and well done too. So here's a list of some of my favorite movies.

1: The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. These 3 movies personify movie making as far as I am concerned. The movies are based on the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. Now I have read the books as well as seen the movies and although I know a lot of you will probably disagree with me, the movies are way better. The books actually gave me a headache from trying to follow the storyline. Peter Jackson did way better with the movies, but credit does have to be given to Tolkien because he created the story to begin with.

2: Titanic. James Cameron's movie about the ill-fated ship was awesome. You can't get a more realistic view of the sinking in any other movie because Cameron actually built a smaller version of the Titanic and really sunk it. It was awesome.

3: Shrek 1 and 2. Both the original and the sequel were spectacular. These movies take fairytales and turn them on their ear. And the computer graphics are amazing. It shows you just how far computer animation has come.

4: Robots. This is another great computer animation movie. The graphics are superb but what makes this movie even better is Robin Williams who does the voice for one of the characters. I mean you just can't go wrong with Robin Williams.

5: Twister. This movie is a great disaster movie. The effects are not perfect. Computer animation still had a lot of evolving to do but the story was awesome. I love this movie.

6: Garfield The Movie. This movie has been given a bad rap as far as I am concerned. I loved the movie and thought it was hilarious. Bill Murray did an awesome job as the voice of Garfield and he had big shoes to fill. He had to do right by the voice made famous by Lorenzo Music who died of cancer. I am a huge Garfield fan and as far as I am concerned this movie rocked.

7: The Day After Tomorrow: This is a wonderful disaster movie and the graphics are much improved over the Twister days. This movie deals with the subject of global warming and what could happen if extreme changes take place. Anyone up for a second ice age?

8: The Poseidon Adventure: This classic movie deals with a Titanic-like disaster. A small group of people survive their ship flipping over after it's hit by a massive wave. Now they need to work their way to what was once the bottom of the ship and is now the top in hopes of being rescued. There is going to be a remake of this airing on Sunday with Steve Guttenberg. We'll see if the television remake is as good.

9: Arsenic And Old Lace: This classic movie starring Cary Grant is absolutely hilarious. Mortimer, played by Grant has just gotten married. But he can't plan his honeymoon until he deals with his two old aunts who have a habit of helping out old lonely men by giving them arsenic. This movie is a laugh-riot.

10: X-Men 1 & 2. I have loved the X-Men comics since I was a kid and the live-action movies were awesome. They were so well done it was amazing. I am looking forward to X-Men 3 which starts production in 2006 and is as of right now slated for release in 2007. But that could change so don't hold me to it.:-)

These are my top ten favorite movies. I have many more but I think these are enough for now.

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