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Friday, November 25, 2005

My favorite books.

Oh where to start. I am an avid reader. Have been ever since I was kid. My mom got me hooked on books. I love romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and murder mysteries. I am so not into horror though. I don't watch horror movies and don't read horror novels. Besides, real-life is often far more frightening than any form of fiction could ever be.

Anyways, I have so many favorites that it would be impossible to cover everything I love. So I'll just go over some of my alltime favorite authors and what I believe to be their best work. Oh and this will be in no particular order.

1: Lynsay Sands. She does an awesome vampire series that has a unique twist on the genre. The Argeneau series. It's hilarious. For those of you who have read the series you know that because of her publisher at the time it was printed out of order. She has just recently released the first actual book in the series even though three that come after it are out. If you'd like to check out her stuff visit www.lynsaysands.net and take a look. She's awesome.

2: Nora Roberts: This author has done so many wonderful stories over the years that she is definately my writing hero. However, my alltime favorites of her work are her Key trilogy. Key Of Light, Key Of Knowledge and Key Of Valor. Her Three Sisters Trilogy is awesome too. If you'd like to check out her stuff go to www.noraroberts.com for a visit.

3: P.C. Cast: What can I say, she has yet to write something I didn't completely enjoy. Her Goddess summoning series is awesome and she is also now writing for Luna books. Luna books is an offshoot of Harlequin and deals with romantic fantasy. If you'd like to see what she's written and what she has coming out soon go to www.pccast.net and check her out.

4: Mary Janice Davidson: This woman's Undead series is da bomb. Betsy is an unlikely vampire queen and Mary Janice tells her story with great humor. All of Mary Janice Davidson's series are hilarious in fact. If you'd like to see her stuff go to www.maryjanicedavidson.net and take a look.

5: Christine Feehan: This woman has so many awesome series. My two favorites are her Seven Sisters series and Ghostwalker series. Her website is also filled with a bunch of extra goodies and fun things. If you want to know more about Christine's work go to www.christinefeehan.com and have fun.

6: Katie MacAlister: This woman also has a lot of series going and each and every one is chock full of humor. She also has some stand alone novels. In fact i just got Blow Me Down but it just came so I haven't read it. Hard Day's Knight and Men In Kilts were fantastic. She has a great vampire series and just started a really neat dragon series. If you want to see what she has going go to www.katiemacalister.com and pay her a visit.

7: Linnea Sinclair: This woman rocks. She originally wrote under the name Megan Sybil Baker but now writes as Linnea Sinclair. Under her Baker name she wrote "Accidental Goddess" but it is going to be re-released in December under her Linnea name with a new cover design. Accidental Goddess is a great funny story that also is very unique. It combines fantasy with sci-fi. I loved it. And her book "Finder's Keepers" is awesome. A great read. If you want to know what she has written go to www.linneasinclair.com and check it out.

Well I think that's more than enough for now. I do believe I have rambled on long enough so I am gonna end thins for now.

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