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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mystifying Fun!

I just got finished playing a really fun game for the PC. It's called Mystic Inn. This game is fantastic. You play as Daphne, a young sorceress lured into the Mystic Inn by a sign on the door. Once inside the inn, you find you can't leave. Some sort of enchantment binds you to the inn. Your only hope of escape is by serving drinks to the customers in order to obtain magic with which to upgrade the inn. Once you have fully upgraded the inn, your curse is then broken.

This game is easy to learn. There are 50 levels and you need to serve drinks faster and faster. And you get to play little mini games where you can make power ups. Trust me, on some levels the only way to get through is with the power ups. Add into the mix a dragon who shows up every so often to steal potions, an owl who does take out orders, and cranky customers and you better be quick.

The graphics are beautiful and the game includes an awesome soundtrack. I love this game and I think you will too. It's rated E for everyone. Mystic Inn is so much fun. It's out now if you would like to get your own.

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