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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spooky Spooky Month Part Two!

Now that Halloween is just a couple days away I thought I'd add some more Halloween type reads to the list. These are all great books with a paranormal bent dealing with witches, ghosts, vampires and such.

Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series is about a group of seven sisters who were each born with extrordinary gifts. Books 1 through 5 are out. They can each stand alone but it is best to read them in order. They are Lover Beware, The Twilight Before Christmas, Oceans Of Fire, Dangerous Tides, and Safe Harbor. The final two are still to come.

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes is a hilarious book about three sisters, each with a gift that they can't quite master. The oldest sister shapeshifts at the worst times. The middle sister can transmute things and is trying desperately to turn straw into gold to help save her family. And the youngest sister is telekinetic, but can't lift anything heavy.

The Darkwing Chronicles is a continuous series about a group of vampires forced to work for the government or face termination. Their mission is to save the world from terrorists. The catch is none of them truly believe in what they are doing at first since they were forced to do it.

Sex And The Psychic Witch is the first in a new series by Annette Blair about a group of triplet witches. It's absolutely hilarious. Each sister has her own unique talent and the first book is about the oldest triplet, Harmony.

That's a good group of books. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween everybody. And make sure you cozy up with a good howling book.

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