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Friday, October 05, 2007

Voice Of Crow

I just finished reading Voice Of Crow, the sequel to Eyes Of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready and loved it. The first skirmish is over, and everyone must face the aftermath. And the price is higher than anyone realizes.

VOC follows the journeys of many characters, not just the heroine Rhia, as they struggle to deal with their own nightmares of the first battle. This novel follows Rhia as she is tormented by the dead Skaris, her pregnancy, and the abduction of her child. It follows her husband, Marek as he copes with nightmares of being tortured. The story follows Alanka who's plagued with guilt over the battle and haunted by having killed. And it follows the Descendant Filip who can never go home and is developing new abilities bestowed by the aspect of Horse.

We journey with Rhia as she travels to save her child. And even if it means travelling to the white city of the Descendants, or even to valley of death itself, nothing with stop her, and her aspect of crow knows it. This book is a thrill ride from page one.

I truly loved this book and I read it in one day. It's well worth getting and reading. I'm eagerly awaiting the third installment, The Reawaking. This is a fantastic series and Jeri Smith-Ready creates a truly magnificent story. Voice Of Crow is awesome.

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bec said...

I agree with you. This book was great I couldn't put it down until I had finished it, and then when I had finished it I was sad because it was over. I can't wait to read the next book, I don't think I can wait a full year. Well done Jeri Smith-Ready