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Kat's Blog

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mana Of The Gods!

We are about to head into October, a month known for Halloween and lots and lots of candy. It got me thinking about what my favorite candy is. I adore chocolate and anything chocolate ranks high up the list for me. But my all time favorite candy is snowcaps. I love snowcaps and can never get enough of em though I rarely can find anyplace local that sells them.

Isn't it always the way? The one thing you like more than anything is always the hardest to find. Does that seem fair to you? It doesn't to me. I have easy access to tons of other delicious chocolate confections, but snowcaps I can only find on the rare occasion. I think all stores should always carry my favorite treats. It should be a law.:-)

So what are your favorite sweet treats? Do you have trouble finding them too or are they always in stock at your local market? Anyone know where I can lay my hands on snowcaps?


Lin said...

I see you have given me a job worthy of my fictional namesake...OK leave it up to Sherlock Mama...yeah, yeah, yeah, my real last name is HOLMES, but I'd prefer not to use the obvious...so let's stick to the the title I earned from all that EXCRUCIATING labor you put me through all those years ago...so...Sherlock Mama is on the job...armed with my trusty magnifying glass...and hell no to the pipe...I eschew tobacco of ANY type...I will seek out the elusive snowcaps and present you with the treasure you seek before the witch's cauldron gives up it's last eye of newt come October 31st.

Kathy said...

Well this should be very interesting. Do you at least have the famous sleuthing cap?

Lin said...

My Infamous Deerstalker? Alas it got mistaken for a rogue Mortimer Mouse by one of our beloved and slightly protective kitties during one of her Tasmanian She-Monster phases. She took one look at my beleagured hat and saw "ENEMY". Enemies are not allowed in her world...and it does not matter to her if the enemy is real or imagined...so no, my Deerstalker hat has been reduced to confetti-sized refuse that long ago got sucked into the gaping jaws of my canister vacuum cleaner and tossed, without ceremony, out for the garbage man to perform whatever rights of passage shredded Deerstalkers receive before being consigned to their final resting place...the land fill.

However I can put on my neon pink baseball cap if that'll make you happy while I go about fulfilling my sacred chocolate quest!